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San Francisco, CA, memory care facilities are long-term residential communities for people with cognitive decline. These properties are staffed around the clock with caregivers certified in dementia treatment and elder care, prepared to help soothe upset residents and prevent escape-seeking actions. Some memory care communities in San Francisco are part of more extensive assisted living properties, allowing residents to age in place if they develop dementia, while others are stand-alone dementia-centered facilities.

Types of Memory Care in San Francisco

Alzheimer’s Disease, although the best-known form of dementia, is just one of several dementia diagnoses that memory care residents may have. San Francisco memory care facilities are prepared to accommodate residents with several types of dementia, such as:

Although dementia is the leading cause of cognitive decline, and most people in San Francisco memory care have been diagnosed with one of the above conditions, it’s not the only illness that causes cognitive decline. Other chronic medical conditions can lead to cognitive decline, too. If your loved one has one, they may be able to receive treatment and care at a San Francisco memory care property.

San Francisco memory care properties offer programs to help slow cognitive decline and allow seniors to maintain their capabilities. Many offer on-site occupational and physical therapy, art, aromatherapy, and music therapy. A lower staff-to-resident ratio than other types of senior care means greater engagement and assistance for residents.

San Francisco memory care properties are purposefully laid out to make them easier for elderly residents to navigate, with open floor plans, wide hallways, and handrails for safety. Safety is also essential, so any staff-only areas and the exterior doors are secured to prevent wandering. Security cameras are also standard. The lighting is low, and the music is subtle to create a more calming environment.

Finding Your Memory Care Advisor in San Francisco, CA

What is the Cost of Memory Care in San Francisco, CA?

The average cost of memory care in San Francisco, CA, is $7,393 per month. Memory care costs are higher than other types of senior care, such as assisted living, due to the increased staffing levels and their additional training, plus the on-site treatments provided. A local San Francisco memory care advisor can help you learn more about how different facilities charge for accommodations and therapy and find properties that fit your budget.

Memory care properties provide a private room for each resident, including linen and light housekeeping services. Nutritious meals are prepared on-site, and seniors who require help remembering to eat or assistance eating are accommodated. Eating meals is not the only activity of daily living (ADL) that many memory care seniors need help with. Another role of on-site caregivers is to lend a hand or provide reminders for seniors with other personal care activities like:

  • Escorts to group activities or offsite doctor’s appointments
  • Toileting or incontinence care
  • Bathing and showering
  • Brushing hair, trimming nails, and other grooming
  • Medication management and diabetic care
  • Transportation off-property for medical appointments

Every memory care resident has a personalized care plan indicating their diagnosis of dementia and level of cognitive decline, and doctor’s orders for the staff to follow. The plan may also list other healthcare requirements for your loved one or specific things for staff members to know about them. However, your senior doesn’t need a care plan to receive ADL assistance or immediate help and care; they receive assistance as needed and are given as much independence as they are capable of.

San Francisco, CA At a Glance 

San Francisco, one of California’s most extensive metro areas, is a vibrant part of the greater Bay Area. It’s famous for long, winding streets, a diverse mix of ethnicities and unique neighborhoods. As a major city, it offers many benefits for seniors, including world-class healthcare and many options for senior living.

  • San Francisco has temperate weather year-round, with moderating breezes from the Pacific Ocean.
  • Seniors have many healthcare choices, such as Zuckerburg General HospitalCPMC Van Ness Campus, and UCSF Medical Center, affiliated with the University of California.
  • San Francisco offers several forms of public transit. The BART is a fixed-route bus line with a light rail to Oakland, and there are cable cars in the historic downtown district.
  • Families may enjoy taking their seniors to the Golden Gate Bridge or having a meal and strolling the famous Fisherman’s Wharf along the coast.

How Do I Pay for Memory Care in San Francisco, CA?

Paying for memory care may be challenging for some families. As a result, many seek the input of a local San Francisco memory care advisor to learn more about different benefits or programs they may enroll their loved one in to help pay for memory care.

headshot of a senior veteran, in uniform.

Veteran's Benefits

The U.S. Department of Veteran’s Affairs offers two programs for military veterans, the Improved Pension Plan and the Aid and Assistance Benefit. These are open to veterans with an honorable discharge and their surviving spouses. You can find out more details at the local VA center.

Senior mother and daughter enjoy tea in the kitchen while browsing on tablet.

Long-Term Care Insurance

Long-term care insurance is an optional plan that some seniors may purchase, which can cover room and board at a San Francisco memory care property. Some seniors may have a long-term care benefit as part of their regular health care insurance or as part of a life insurance policy, so check your loved one’s coverage to see if they have a plan such as this.

Senior women seated in wheelchair and caregiver converse.

Home Equity

San Francisco homeowners may be able to convert their home equity to pay for memory care. Your local San Francisco senior housing placement advisor can help you understand how this process works.

Female seniors socializing over tea at home.


While Traditional Medicare does not cover memory care, some optional Medicare plans do. Your loved one may have chosen to participate in a Supplemental Medicare plan; check their coverage to see what it entails.

Active senior women swings on the park swing.


Medi-Cal offers a few long-term care waivers that enrollees may use to cover the cost of memory care and the services provided at a facility. Ask a local San Francisco memory care advocate how to use a long-term care waiver.

Elderly person sitting in a living room speaking to a nurse

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FAQ About Memory Care in San Francisco, CA

Many memory care facilities in San Francisco have a licensed nurse on staff to provide light medical care and diagnose illness during the day. Some may have a medical director overseeing the dementia treatments at the property. In addition, each property has its own structure for on-site medical treatment.

As dementia progresses, it can be more challenging for families to tend to the needs of their loved ones or provide the assistance and redirection they require. A memory care property offers 24-hour care and supervision from caregivers trained in the best ways to treat people with dementia. As a result, your loved one will be safe and receive specialized treatment for their cognitive decline.

No, most San Francisco memory care properties do not allow pets. However, some may offer pet therapy as part of the quality of life programs. Ask your local San Francisco memory care advisor about pet policies at your preferred memory care communities.

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