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On this page, we provide concise, organized answers to common questions about senior living and senior care advisors.

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Anyone can afford an Assisted Living Locator Care Advisor. That’s because we are paid only when we help you make a decision about your senior’s living location and we are paid by the location you choose. And because we only receive payment when you’re paying the Care Community directly, we’ll also put you in touch with your state’s social service network to make sure that you receive the proper state support in the event that you are unable to pay for senior care and housing yourself.

Care considerations

An Assisted Living Locators® Care Advisor specializes in knowing your senior housing and in home care options, but via their referral network they can connect you with state resources in the event that you need to consider state resources to finance and secure senior housing, as well as a wide variety of specialists who focus on some aspect of the senior services industry- Eldercare Attorneys, Financial Specialists, Real Estate Agents, Downsizing Specialists, Home Health Experts, and just about any other senior service need you can think of.

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Glad you asked. This site gives you a number of ways to find your local Assisted Living Locators® Care Advisor. Pick one and we’ll either get them on the phone, or make sure that they contact you in a timely fashion. Click here to get to our Care Advisor page.

Our process

Assisted Living Locators® Care Advisors are vetted for the right set of skills before they ever even buy a franchise. Once they do, we provide comprehensive initial training and a 13 week “in community” onboarding process. We ask all Assisted Living Locators® Care Advisors to become Certified Senior Advisors, a nationwide accreditation program that provides additional industry specific knowledge. Care Advisors also participate in continuing education provided by us and provided by local senior oriented industry associations to ensure that they understand the latest tools, techniques and industry rules and regulations to help you navigate the senior experience.

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An Assisted Living Locators® Care Advisor spends time at each of the communities and homes in your local area. They understand how well the community is performing against state standards and they understand what the community is good at- in short, they understand what isn’t in the community’s glossy brochure. An Assisted Living Locators® Care Advisor networks to ensure that they have a broad array of qualified resource team members that they can call on to help deal with challenges beyond senior housing and care, which is their own area of expertise. And Assisted Living Locators® Care Advisors spend time with families and seniors. They can’t help if they don’t know and understand you and your family. Assisted Living Locators® Care Advisors have a structured way to identify important needs that you and your senior have, which they then use to match you to the best community choices or the best members of their resource network that can meet your needs.

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A franchise business based in Arizona, with local owners and operators across the US. Our Care Advisors bring problem solving skills and compassion to your local senior community, and we supply the training, processes and industry knowledge they need to provide you with the help you want.

Everywhere. If we don’t have a Care Advisor yet in your local area, we’ll find you an affiliate advisor who can help. But every month we train more Care Advisors to meet the growing needs of seniors in every community across the US. You can find your local Care Advisor by using the tools on this website. And because we are nationwide, we can help you in your town or in towns all across the US.

Since Care Advisors understand the entire range of living options available to seniors, any family with a senior over 55 can benefit from their expertise. Use us to understand your independent living options if your senior wants more time for leisure pursuits after 55. Use us especially when you are concerned about the safety or health of your senior loved one. And it’s critically important that you reach out to us if your senior is in the hospital or rehabilitation facility so that we help you navigate the immediate next health care and housing steps that must be taken, giving you a voice in how the health care and insurance systems in your state manage your senior’s needs.

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Assisted Living Locators® Care Advisors are advocates for your senior family members. It’s their job, and passion, to help you develop a comprehensive plan to help your senior loved ones thrive no matter where they live or what their health condition might be. They don’t just focus on senior housing options, but have the ability to connect you to a wide variety of resources available in your community to address a broad range of challenges you may be dealing with for your senior.

Care considerations

Assisted Living Locators® Care Advisors are trained to make customer satisfaction their #1 goal. They do this by (1) thoroughly understanding the senior care options in your local area; (2) following a structured model to ensure that they understand your needs and can match them to the care options in your area; (3) creating a local network of partners who can address senior needs beyond just where you live and (4) understanding how the senior healthcare system operates in the US and in each state. They are your single best advocate and problem solver in addressing the unique challenges that you may be facing with your senior loved ones.

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