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Find the Best Memory Care Near Riverside, CA

Memory care facilities in Riverside, CA, provide a secure and supportive environment for seniors living with memory impairment and/or cognitive decline. The staff is specially trained to handle the unique communication issues experienced by people with dementia and to arrange personalized activities to promote cognitive and physical well-being. Memory care communities can exist as an independent facility or as part of a larger senior living complex.

Types of Memory Care

Many kinds of memory loss and dementia can affect seniors. The three most common memory disorders/types of dementia in the United States are:

Choosing the right senior living option for someone with memory loss or dementia depends on their specific condition. For example, if your loved one has been diagnosed with early-stage dementia, they might be able to safely live in an assisted living community – possibly for years. However, someone with moderate or advanced dementia will need to be placed in a dedicated memory care facility to ensure their safety and well-being.

To find the right memory care placement for your loved one, you have to do more than search “top memory care in Riverside, CA.” You need to consider your loved one’s care needs and budget, the property’s services and amenities, their reviews, accepted funding sources, etc. After all, you want to move them into a memory care facility where they will be happy, safe, and well cared for.

But you are not going to have the time to personally research and tour every memory care community in Riverside — especially if you live outside the area.

Assisted Living Locators® local care advisors can help. Our senior care experts live and work in Riverside, CA, and are deeply familiar with all the local memory care communities in the area. They can help you evaluate different care options and craft a solution around your loved one’s budget and care needs.

Finding Your Memory Care Advisor in Riverside, CA

What is the Cost of Memory Care in Riverside, CA?

Based on data, the average monthly cost of memory care in Riverside, CA, is currently around $4,875. However, the exact price will depend on a variety of different factors, such as care services, community amenities, location, etc.

What Should Every Senior Know About Living in Riverside, CA?

Sixty miles east of Los Angeles, Riverside, CA, is the largest city of the Inland Empire and showcases the beauty and history of Southern California. Almost 15 percent of the population is over the age of 65, and the city offers numerous programs to help seniors enjoy healthy, active lives.

Riverside Weather & Climate:

Riverside has a semi-arid, Mediterranean climate with summer temperatures in the mid-high 90s (F) and winter temperatures in the low 60s (F). Air quality can be an issue in Riverside — particularly during the summer — because sunlight and lack of wind can trap pollutants in the area. As such, seniors may have to restrict the amount of time they spend outside during the warmer parts of the year.

Local Hospitals and Notable Medical Care:

Senior residents in Riverside, CA, have access to several high-quality hospitals and medical centers, including:


The Riverside County Transportation Commission supports multiple bus operators throughout the county to help seniors get around without needing to drive. Seniors age 60 or above are eligible for a discounted fare. Services include local fixed-routes, express routes, microtransit, community circulators, travel training, and paratransit services.

Arts, Culture, and Recreation:

The city of Riverside offers plenty for seniors living with dementia to experience and enjoy. For example, there is the beautiful UCR Botanic Garden, which offers a lush sensory experience, including morning bird walks for avid birdwatchers. The California Southland Chapter of the Alzheimer’s Association hosts a wide variety of events across the region – such as virtual “Memories at the Museum” programs. The City of Riverside also offers a variety of recreational programs, classes, activities, and events for senior citizens.

How Do I Pay for Memory Care in Riverside, CA?

headshot of a senior veteran, in uniform.

Veteran's Benefits

Qualified veterans can use VA benefits to help pay for their long-term care. For example, the Aid and Attendance program may help cover the cost of personal care services provided in a memory care setting.

Senior mother and daughter enjoy tea in the kitchen while browsing on tablet.

Long-Term Care Insurance

Another option to help pay for memory care is long-term care insurance (LTCI). However, you will need to carefully research the plan details. For example, sometimes, only certain types of dementia are covered. Generally, the policy must also be purchased before the policyholder is ever diagnosed with a memory-related condition.

Senior women seated in wheelchair and caregiver converse.

Home Equity

If your own your home, converting its value into usable capital can be a great way to help cover the cost of memory care. For example, you can apply for a reverse mortgage, use the house as collateral for a home equity line loan, sell it outright, or rent it out to generate a monthly income.

Female seniors socializing over tea at home.


Because residential memory care services are defined as “custodial care” (i.e., not medically necessary), they are not covered by Medicare. However, seniors can still use the program to help pay for some of their care costs. For instance, Medicare might help cover healthcare expenses like cognitive assessments, speech therapies, and medication to help manage symptoms.

Active senior women swings on the park swing.


Medicaid-eligible seniors in Riverside, CA, can apply for the Assisted Living Waiver (ALW) program to help pay for care services received in a community setting like residential memory care. The program covers a range of services, including care coordination, ADL support, medication management, recreational and social programs, intermittent skilled nursing, etc. However, those enrolled in the program are still responsible for room and board fees.

Elderly person sitting in a living room speaking to a nurse

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FAQ About Memory Care in Riverside, CA

The cost of treating conditions like dementia may qualify for a medical expense tax deduction. Visit and consult with a tax professional to learn more.

Assisted living is an appropriate choice for seniors in good health who remain fairly independent, but need help with ADLs. On the other hand, if your loved one shows signs of memory impairment, such as struggling with routine tasks, exhibiting personality changes, or wandering, they may need the more specialized care provided in a memory care community.

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