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Senior Living Advisor in Newport Beach, CA

Newport Beach, CA is a beautiful place to live if you are a senior looking to move into an assisted living community. Newport Beach senior living advisors are the best resource when you are gathering information on which facility to move into. Their job is to work with you, helping to sort through the paperwork and asking you questions to better understand what your needs are. Here is some basic information about Newport Beach and its assisted living communities.

Personalized Support With a Newport Beach, CA Senior Living Advisor

Certified advisors for seniors in Newport Beach, CA live in the area and have a relationship with senior care communities. They will work with you to sift through the assisted living communities available to find the one that best meets your budget, desired lifestyle, and medical needs.

Your Newport Beach, CA Senior Living Advisor

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About Newport Beach, CA

  • Cost of Living

    The average monthly cost of Newport Beach assisted living properties is $5,750, which is more than the national average of $4,500. Costs vary depending on the range of services and amenities you select and the assistance that is required. A local assisted living advisor can work with you to find the best assisted living facility for your needs and budget. Comparing services and amenities can help narrow down the list of potential choices until you find the facility for you.

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  • Local Hospitals and Medical Care

    The Newport Beach area has several excellent hospitals and medical care facilities that focus on seniors and their healthcare needs. Some of these medical centers include:

    • Hoag Memorial Hospital Presbyterian – This hospital is a comprehensive healthcare system that offers a full range of services, including cancer, heart and vascular, neurosciences, orthopedics, and women’s health.
    • Newport Beach Medical Center – This medical center provides primary and specialty care, laboratory services, and urgent care to the local community.
    • Orange Coast Medical Center – This hospital offers a wide range of services including cardiology, maternity, orthopedics, and surgical services.
    • Your Newport Beach senior living advisor can guide you to the facility that can best serve your needs.
  • Weather and Climate

    Newport Beach gets an average of 12 inches of rain and 278 days of sun each year. It doesn’t get cold enough for snow to fall there. For anyone who doesn’t like cold weather, this area is a perfect place to live. Temperatures in winter can go as low as 46 °F and as high as 78 °F in summer, making this area a temperate climate.

  • Transportation

    Senior residents aged 65 and above can get transportation through OCTA’s ACCESS service, which provides shared-ride services for eligible riders who are unable to use the regular fixed-route bus service due to physical or cognitive limitations. Newport Beach is also served by several bus lines and offers easy access to the nearby John Wayne Airport.

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Care assessment tool

Access our free senior care assessment tool, which can help you evaluate the specific needs and requirements of you or your loved one. By answering a series of questions, you’ll receive personalised recommendations and insights to aid in the decision-making process.

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FAQ About Assisted Living in Newport Beach, CA


It makes the best sense to partner with a Newport Beach senior living placement advisor, who can then conduct an assessment, so they can make better recommendations on assisted living facilities. When you start out with an experienced, knowledgeable care advisor, then the rest of the process falls in line.

A Newport Beach senior living advisor is a person who lives and works in the area you are looking at moving into and can give you an initial screening, walk you through the process, help with decision-making, transition, and follow up with you after you move.

Contact us online at Assisted Living Locators and you can get started with someone you can trust right now. Your Newport Beach senior living advisor will share in the journey as you decide on goals and concerns. They want to help you find the best assisted living facility for you. Once you’ve made the decision and moved in, your Newport Beach senior living advisor will follow up with you.