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Senior Living Advisor in Lexington, SC

Lexington, SC is one of many Southern communities that are popular with tourists and well known for its hospitality and charm. Many seniors enjoy living in the area because of its warm summer temperatures and moderate winter climate. Lexington’s senior living communities are well-known for their amenities and high quality of care. Whether you live in the area or not, to find the best senior living communities begin by connection with a Lexington senior living advisor.

Personalized Support With a Lexington Senior Living Advisor

Certified advisors for senior living in Lexington, SC are available to offer you the assistance you need when you are choosing to a senior living community. Lexington senior living care advisors are residents of the area. They are familiar with all of the properties, their availability, their services and amenities, and the reviews that each property has received. They are really your strongest advocate for finding the best senior living facilities.

Your Lexington, SC Senior Living Advisor

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About Lexington, SC

  • Cost of Living

    In Lexington, SC, the average cost of senior living facilities is approximately $3,500 per month. This is the cost for an average apartment with a modest level of care. If you talk to a Lexington senior living advisor, you will be able to determine what amenities are needed and what level of care may be required for your comfort. Because Lexington senior living advisors live close by, they can give you valuable insight and help you find the best senior living community for you.

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  • Local Hospitals and Medical Care

    There are many hospitals and medical facilities in the Lexington, SC, area. These medical centers offer seniors many care options they can rely on to maintain their quality of life. Lexington senior care advisors can even provide a list of this reputable facilities, including:

    • Lexington Medical Center Carroll Campbell Place – Lexington Medical Center Carroll Campbell Place offers quality healthcare for seniors living in the area. It is known for quality care and commitment to excellence.
    • Lexington Medical Center – Lexington Medical Center offers patient-centered care that seniors can rely on to maintain the highest possible quality of life. The center is close to many senior living communities making it easy to get the care they need.
    • LMC Urgent Care – Lexington – LMC Urgent Care – Lexington provides urgent care that goes above and beyond traditional health care options.
  • Weather and Climate

    Seniors love living in Lexington, SC. The climate is very mild. The average high and low temps in winter are 58 and 32 degrees respectively. In the summer, the high can reach 93 or higher. The lows may dip down to 54. Snow is quite rare, but the area, on average, gets only about eight inches of rain per month. No wonder why there are so many wonderful senior living communities to choose from.

  • Transportation

    A Lexington senior living advisor can tell you all about the public transportation, COMET. The bus line runs throughout the greater Columbia area including Lexington. The ensures when seniors want to experience more of the city, public transportation makes it possible.

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FAQ About Assisted Living in Lexington, SC


If you are looking for a Lexington senior living community that is ideal for you, the first step is to connect with a local senior living advisor. They will be your strongest advocate and help you navigate a difficult process. They can provide you a list of the best senior living properties that meet your budget, care needs, and lifestyle preferences.

Lexington senior living advisors learn about you and your required level of care. They are able to create a personalized care plan that is based on the information you provide. With your plan in place, you will be able to locate a Lexington senior living community that will help you achieve your goals. There is never any cost to work with a Lexington senior living advisor.

If you are looking to find a senior living advisor local to the area, contact Assisted Living Locators. They will collect your information and partner you with a certified Lexington senior living advisor who is able to help you find a senior living community that offers you everything you need to maintain a high quality of life.

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