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Memory Care In Cherry Hill, NJ

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Memory care facilities in Cherry Hill, NJ, are long-term senior living communities dedicated to caring for older adults with dementia and cognitive decline, such as Alzheimer’s Disease. Residents benefit from around-the-clock supervision and redirection from compassionate caregivers who are professionally trained to de-escalate anxious outbursts and aggressive behavior that many seniors with dementia experience. Some Cherry Hill memory care properties are exclusive for memory care, while others are separate and secure wings of assisted living facilities that allow residents to transition from one to the other if they develop dementia.

Types of Memory Care

Most people are familiar with Alzheimer’s Disease and may not realize that it’s just one of several forms of dementia. Memory care properties can treat and care for them all. Every resident has a personalized care plan, which can include a diagnosis of:

  • Lewy body dementia
  • Alzheimer’s disease
  • Mixed dementia
  • Frontotemporal dementia

Some memory care facilities may also take residents who experience cognitive decline due to another chronic medical condition, like:

  • Huntington’s disease
  • Traumatic brain injury (TBI)
  • Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease
  • Parkinson’s disease

Cherry Hill memory care properties have a low staff-to-resident ratio, allowing caregivers to provide more personal interactions and closer supervision. Programs are organized to help slow cognitive decline, like art, music therapy, or even pet therapy. Many properties also offer on-site occupational and speech therapies, which can help seniors retain their capabilities. The overall social environment is centered around the specific needs of aging adults with cognitive decline.

The physical structure of memory care facilities in Cherry Hill is also purposefully curated for older adults, designed to help them get around as independently as possible. Open floor plans and wide hallways with handrails make it easier for seniors with mobility challenges to get around. Directions to the dining room, private rooms, fitness center, and therapy rooms are clearly marked to reduce confusion. The exterior doors are secured to prevent wandering. Many unsafe locations, like the kitchen and storage areas, are controlled with electronic locks and passkeys for staff members.

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What is the Cost of Memory Care in Cherry Hill, NJ

The cost of memory care in Cherry Hill is $6,651 on average per month. Each facility’s monthly fees will vary a little from this average, but memory care communities are more expensive than other kinds of senior living options because of the higher level of care and additional training required for caregivers.

Cherry Hill memory care properties provide room and board for seniors in a semi-private or private room. Healthy meals are prepared according to older adults’ nutritional requirements. Some cannot physically eat in the community dining room, so they’re given room service delivery of meals and help eating. Caregivers are on hand night and day to assist with the activities of daily living (ADLs), including:

  • Redirection and reminders
  • Transfers, lifts, and other mobility assistance
  • Transportation to doctor’s appointments and staff member escorts off-site
  • Diabetic care and medication management
  • Bathing and personal grooming
  • Using the bathroom

Memory care residents are as independent as possible, but will receive ADL whenever they need it. Each senior has their own care plan with their doctor’s specific instructions and other health concerns.

What Should Every Senior Know About Living in Cherry Hill, NJ?

Cherry Hill is just over the state border of Pennsylvania and is considered a suburb of Philadelphia. Seniors reap the benefits of living near one of the largest cities in the country, but Cherry Hill is far enough from the city center to offer a slower pace and small-town atmosphere. New Jersey does not levy a state income tax on Railroad benefits or social security and it has a lower tax rate for retirement income and pensions.

Cherry Hill Weather & Climate

Cherry Hill residents enjoy all four seasons, including cold and snowy winters and warm summers with a gentle breeze from the nearby Atlantic Ocean. Cherry Hill gets about 200 days of sunshine each year and an average rainfall of 47 inches.

Local Hospitals & Notable Medical Care

Seniors in Cherry Hill are close to several world-class medical treatment centers, like Roxborough Memorial Hospital or Thomas Jefferson University Hospital, an academic medical facility ranked as one of the best hospitals in the Philadelphia area. Or, they may opt to receive treatment at Penn Hospital, affiliated with the University of Pennsylvania and home to leading-edge medical practices.


Cherry Hill seniors are usually eligible for reduced rates in the SEPTA, the metro areas public transit system, or book door-to-door paratransit services if required.

Arts, Culture & Recreation

The Cherry Hill area is rich in U.S. history, including the Liberty Bell located in the walkable historic district downtown. Families may wish to escort their loved one in memory care to a local park. The Avenue of the Arts, located on Pennsylvania’s Broad Street, is home to several venues for musical performances and plays.

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How Do I Pay for Memory Care in Cherry Hill, NJ?

As you start looking at memory care options for your loved one, you may wonder if there are options to help pay their monthly fees. There are several programs and benefits many seniors may are eligible for and a local Cherry Hill memory care advisor can help them learn more about the details of each one.


Veteran's Benefits

Veterans may apply for two programs the Department of Veteran’s Affairs offers. The Aid and Assistance Benefit can help pay for services in memory care, such as therapy, while the Improved Pension Program can pay for accommodations. You can apply on your loved one’s behalf at a local Cherry Hill VA Center.


Home Equity

Cherry Hill homeowners who have paid off their mortgage are able to utilize the home’s equity to pay for memory care. Ask a local Cherry Hill memory care advocate for more information on this option.


Spend Down

New Jersey Medicaid eligibility is income-based, with a monthly income maximum of $4,000 for an individual and $6,000 for a married couple. Seniors whose monthly income exceeds these caps are possibly eligible for Medicaid through the “spend down” program. They may spend the difference between the income cap and their monthly income on medical care and treatment until they reach the income eligibility threshold. Local memory care advisors can explain the program if you think your loved one may qualify.



Some “Medicare Gap” plans, additional Medicare coverage beyond Traditional Medicare, may cover memory care accommodations or services. Check your loved one’s insurance coverage.



New Jersey Medicaid offers recipients a long-term care waiver, the Managed Long Term Services and Supports (MLTSS), which is often used to pay for memory care. Ask your local memory care advocate about how to apply for this program for your loved one.

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FAQ About Memory Care in Cherry Hill, NJ

Although some memory care communities offer pet therapy, most facilities don’t allow residents to keep a pet in their room. Some facilities may allow your family to bring a pet on visiting days. Ask your local memory care advocate about the pet policies of facilities you’re interested in.

Yes, in most cases. Memory care fees are considered a deductible medical expense, as per HIPAA guidelines. In order to deduct these fees, the individual is under a doctor’s care with a specific treatment plan and is unable to complete at least two ADLs without assistance. Your local memory care advisor can help you learn about the HIPAA regulations covering this benefit.

Ask about the safety and security protocols to protect seniors and see the facility’s license and certification. Consider the moods of residents there – are they content and physically cared for? You may also wish to ask about the facility’s best practices for de-escalating escape-seeking behavior and anxious outbursts. Ask a local memory care advocate to help you note the pros and cons of each property you visit.