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Senior Living Advisor in Long Island, NY

Two of the five New York boroughs are located on the western portion of the island (Brooklyn and Queens). But Long Island is its own kind of place, with incredible beaches, quaint communities, and extraordinary dining options for those nights a senior might want to dine out of their senior living community. But how to find the perfect senior living property? Begin by connecting with a Long Island senior living advisor who lives and works in this large region.

Personalized Support With a Long Island Senior Living Advisor

Certified advisors for senior living in Long Island, NY are available to provide you with the customized support you need. When it comes to finding the right senior living community, your senior living advisor will be able to make it easier for you and your family to find what you need. They will help you make the connections you need when trying to get into the right assisted living facility.

Your Long Island, NY Senior Living Advisor

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About Long Island, NY

  • Cost of Living

    The monthly cost for assisted living on Long Island starts at approximately $3,500. Working with a Long Island senior living advisor will help you determine what type of living option would work best. Different senior living facilities offer varying levels of care which change the overall cost of the services you receive.

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  • Local Hospitals and Medical Care

    Long Island, NY has some of the best hospitals and medical facilities in the New York City area. Seniors can expect to receive the highest quality healthcare available. Long Island senior care advisors can provide a list of top medical facilities, such as these:

    • North Shore University Hospital – North Shore University Hospital offers a comprehensive list of medical services. It is a teaching hospital where the best medical students in Long Island are able to sharpen their skills.
    • Syosset Hospital – Syosset Hospital is one of the most well-known and respected hospitals on Long Island. It is a division of North Shore University Hospital and delivers the same high-quality healthcare with equivalent benefits.
    • Good Samaritan Hospital – Good Samaritan Hospital is part of Catholic Health. Dedicated to shaping the future of healthcare, the hospital is continually working to improve its services and provide the highest quality of care possible.
  • Weather and Climate

    The average temperature in Long Island, NY ranges from 23 to 81 degrees. Winters can be cold, but the summers make up for it with warm, sunny weather. Seniors can enjoy spending time outside during the glorious summers, and Long Island is a summer haven for Manhattanites and many east coast residents.

  • Transportation

    There are several forms of transportation on Long Island, but the most common is the Long Island Rail Road. This train connects Long Island and New York City with over 120 rail stations located throughout the entire area. There are also bus lines and taxis that are readily available. Long Island senior living advisors can help you set up the right type of transportation that will get you to and from your medical appointments.

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Long Island, NY

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Access our free senior care assessment tool, which can help you evaluate the specific needs and requirements of you or your loved one. By answering a series of questions, you’ll receive personalised recommendations and insights to aid in the decision-making process.

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FAQ About Assisted Living in Long Island, NY


Finding the most suitable Long Island senior living community is very important and plays a role in your health and wellbeing. Do your research so you can find the facility that works best for you. If you don’t live in the Long Island area, you can have a dedicated Long Island senior living advisor check things out for you.

A Long Island senior living housing advisor will try to learn as much as they can about you and your individual needs. Every person is unique. The advisors go the extra mile to assist you in finding the perfect senior living facility. With your information, they can develop a personalized senior living plan that you can use to explore local Long Island senior living communities.

If you want to find a good local senior living advisor, call Assisted Living Locators. After they have gathered all of the information they need, like your budget, your care needs, your lifestyle preferences, you will be partnered with a certified Long Island senior living advisor. They will work with you to achieve all of your goals and find a Long Island senior living community that best suits you.

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