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Assisted Living In Kansas City, MO

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When you and your parent or other older relative decide that it’s time for them to make a transition into an assisted living facility in Kansas City, MO, it’s normal to have some questions about how to move forward. Thankfully, working with a local senior care advisor can help answer your questions about assisted living communities in Kansas City.

It’s normal to feel overwhelmed at all of the decisions you need to make as you and your older family member work together to choose the best assisted living facility in Kansas City, MO. Thankfully, a Senior Living Advisor can guide you through the process of choosing the right assisted living community.

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What is the Cost of Assisted Living in Kansas City, MO

The average monthly cost of an assisted living facility in Kansas City, MO is $4,460. There are many options for families to pay for assisted living costs. One of the first steps in learning more about how to afford the costs of an assisted living community is to add up all of your loved one’s current expenses. This allows your family to get an idea of how much your senior relative will be able to contribute to their monthly assisted living costs. You’ll want to consider the costs of your older relative’s mortgage or rent, utilities, home maintenance, groceries, entertainment, cable and internet, yard maintenance, vehicle maintenance, etc.

An assisted living facility in Kansas City, MO is designed to take care of all of your loved one’s activities of daily living, or ADLs, that they are no longer able to complete on their own.

ADLs that can be managed by an assisted living facility in Kansas City include:

  • Eating, including meal prep and cleaning up after meals
  • Personal care tasks including showering, going to the restroom, bathing, shaving, and brushing hair and teeth
  • Moving to different areas within the home (such as moving from the bed in the morning to a comfortable chair to enjoy a book)
  • Moving to different areas of the assisted living facility in Kansas City (such as moving from their home or apartment to a scheduled activity)

Since these activities are included in the monthly cost of assisted living, your loved one will no longer need to set money aside for these expenses. While the vast majority of living expenses are covered by an assisted living community, there are still some expenses that you may want to factor into your senior relative’s monthly budget. Many seniors in assisted living facilities enjoy keeping up with their previous activities, such as sending gifts to relatives, participating in hobbies, or taking part in social experiences outside of the offerings of their assisted living community.

Kansas City, MO, at a Glance

If your loved one is moving to Kansas City to live in an assisted living facility, they’ll get to enjoy the charm of this beautiful, friendly Midwest community.

Kansas City Weather and Climate

Kansas City residents enjoy hot summers and cold winters, beautiful fall foliage, and warm spring temperatures.

Local Hospitals and Notable Medical Care

There are many hospitals in Kansas City that can provide both specialty and general care for assisted living residents. Area hospitals include The University of Kansas Hospital, North Kansas City Hospital, and Saint Luke’s Hospital of Kansas City.


Kansas City boasts a robust public bus system, helping residents of assisted living communities in the area get around easily, even without a car.

Arts, Culture, and Recreation

While Kansas City is known for its BBQ scene, it also boasts fine dining restaurants, a strong visual arts community, and performance art opportunities. Residents of assisted living communities in Kansas City have many opportunities to enjoy cultural experiences.

Additional Senior Living Care Advisors near Kansas City, MO

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How Do I Pay for Kansas City, MO Assisted Living?

Families have many options to pay for assisted living in Kansas City, MO. It’s normal to feel overwhelmed by your choices when it comes to paying for an assisted living facility in Kansas City. Working with a trusted Senior Care Advisor can help you learn more about what payment method will work best for your family.

Options that can help families pay for assisted living in Kansas City include:


Veteran's Benefits

If your older relative served in the military, their veteran’s benefits may cover part or all of their assisted living community bills. The Improved Pension Program provides benefits to veterans (and their spouses) who need help with their ADLs. If you’re not sure whether your loved one qualifies for the Improved Pension Program, be sure to reach out to your local Veteran’s Affairs office to learn more.


Long-Term Care Insurance

Long-term care insurance covers the cost of assisted living and nursing home facilities. If your older relative purchased a long-term care insurance plan at some point in the past, it’s likely that their insurance will cover the cost of their assisted living community in Kansas City, MO. Reach out to your loved one’s insurance agent to learn more about utilizing their care insurance benefits.


Home Equity

If your senior relative owns their home, they may be able to use home equity to pay for an assisted living community. In order to use home equity as a way to pay for assisted living in Kansas City, it’s important that your loved one has paid off a significant portion of their mortgage and that they have good credit.



While Medicare does not cover assisted living, senior adults can continue to use their Medicare health insurance coverage for medical bills while they’re staying in an assisted living community in Kansas City, MO.



If your older relative qualifies for Medicaid, they may be able to use their benefits to pay for an assisted living or nursing home facility in Kansas City, MO. A trusted Senior Living Advisor can help you understand whether your loved one will be able to use Medicaid for their assisted living bills.

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FAQ About Assisted Living in Kansas City, MO

Assisted living communities in Kansas City offer residents many opportunities to socialize and spend time with other residents. Social activities may include board games, outings, educational classes, craft time, movie nights, and more. Talk with your Senior Care Advisor to learn more about socialization opportunities at the assisted living communities you’re considering in Kansas City.

For resident safety, most assisted living facilities in Kansas City have rules around when residents may leave the facility. Many residents of assisted living communities in Kansas City, MO enjoy spending time with loved ones both on and off-campus, and enjoy visiting family on holidays and other special occasions.

Assisted living offers more independence than a nursing home facility. Most assisted living residents live in single condos or apartments, while nursing home residents live in double or single rooms and require a higher level of day-to-day medical care.

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