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Assisted Living In Gilbert, AZ

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For seniors looking to enjoy life in Maricopa County, assisted living in Gilbert, AZ, is an ideal choice. Just 20 miles from Phoenix, the town was once known as the hay shipping capital of the world. Today, Gilbert and its assisted living communities have much to offer, from access to top hospitals to a vibrant cultural landscape and a wealth of things to see and do.

Dedicated to offering expert advice to seniors planning a move to the town, why not speak to our Gilbert-based assisted living advisor.

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What is the Cost of Assisted Living in Gilbert, AZ

Assisted living in Gilbert costs $3,700 per month on average. At just one-third of the cost of nursing home care in the town, this is based on insurance company Genworth’s Cost of Care Survey for Gilbert and surrounding areas.

Gilbert, AZ, at a Glance

Seniors looking for assisted living communities in the Phoenix area continue to favor those in Gilbert for numerous reasons. The town offers much to see and do for seniors, as well as providing access to the Gilbert Senior Center — a place to meet new friends and share life experiences.

The sixth-largest municipality in Arizona with a population of around a quarter of a million people, the region’s perpetual sunshine is a particular draw for seniors making a move to Gilbert’s various assisted living facilities.

Gilbert Weather and Climate

Gilbert boasts year-round sunshine and clear days. Even during the colder months of the year, Gilbert’s weather remains mild, with temperatures rarely falling below the mid-60s. Temperatures in summer routinely rise to average daily highs exceeding 100 degrees from June to September. With that, spring and fall generally offer the best of the town’s weather in terms of time spent comfortably outdoors.

Local Hospitals and Notable Medical Care

Gilbert and neighboring Phoenix are well known for their abundance of top-rated hospitals. Among the area’s best-received healthcare facilities are St. Joseph’s Hospital and Medical Center, Banner Boswell Medical Center, and Mayo Clinic-Phoenix. Also on hand is Mercy Gilbert Medical Center.

Throughout the Phoenix metro area, of which Gilbert is a part, seniors have access to roughly 60 hospitals and other medical facilities. With a good number providing 24/7 emergency medical care, others specialize in heart surgery and cardiology to orthopedics and psychiatry.


Transport to, from, and around Gilbert and immediately neighboring towns and cities is overseen by its transportation planning department. A choice of bus routes, the Valley Metro, and more all ensure that Gilbert’s residents can stay on the move.

Excellent provisions are further made for cyclists, while the town also has ShareTheRide — a ride-matching system for commuters and others looking to securely find carpool and other similar travel options.

Arts, Culture, and Recreation

Like much of the rest of the famous Valley of the Sun, Gilbert residents have access to a wealth of things to see and do tied to arts and culture. Examples include access to both the Gilbert Visual Arts League and Gilbert Fine Arts Association. Meanwhile, annual events include the Downtown Concert Series, the town’s Veterans Day Ceremony, and the Gilbert Global Village Festival.

Nearby Chandler also has the Chandler Center for the Arts, a 1,500-seat regional performing arts venue. While there, seniors can further enjoy the city’s Vision Gallery, proudly representing and showcasing hundreds of artists from the region, including the town of Gilbert.

Across the wider Phoenix area, residents of Gilbert’s assisted living facilities can enjoy various high-end spa resorts, Jack Nicklaus-designed golf courses, and other highlights like the famous Desert Botanical Garden.

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How Do I Pay for Gilbert, AZ Assisted Living?


Veteran's Benefits

Within Gilbert, former military personnel frequently use their Veterans Benefits to pay for some or all of the costs tied to assisted living. Further support is also available across Arizona thanks to the United States Department of Veterans Affairs and its Aid and Attendance programs. Additional benefits may be accessed as necessary to cover the cost of living where senior veterans are otherwise unable to afford crucial aspects of their personal care.

More commonly used to pay for skilled nursing home provisions, where eligible, seniors can access the same funding to pay for assisted living at the relevant department’s discretion.

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Long-Term Care Insurance

Long-term care insurance policies are another common means of paying for assisted living in Gilbert. A benefit of existing insurance coverage, policies of this nature are intended to pay for care and housing in later life. In many cases, long-term care insurance is sufficient to cover all of the costs associated with assisted living both in Gilbert and elsewhere.


Home Equity

Where funds are otherwise limited, seniors exploring options to cover assisted living facility fees may be in a position to utilize the equity held in their homes. By harnessing equity in real estate through a type of loan sometimes known as a reverse mortgage, financing tracked to an owned property’s market value can be leveraged.

Once an agreement has been established, funds that would otherwise be tied up in property can be accessed to pay for assisted living and other necessities.



Medicare will not cover assisted living costs in Gilbert or elsewhere in Maricopa County as a rule. However, in exceptional circumstances, Medicare may contribute strictly qualified healthcare costs in Arizona for a limited time.

Sometimes offered to those in assisted living, such funding is generally only available where skilled nursing care is required but cannot otherwise be afforded. This tends to be a strictly limited-time option, accessible, for example, in instances where an individual requires end-of-life care for a period of days or weeks.



If all other options for paying for assisted living in Gilbert have been assessed and exhausted, the Arizona Long-Term Care System may offer to step in. Arizona’s broader Medicaid program is responsible for the initiative, where provisions are intended to cover basic living costs for seniors where financing is otherwise unattainable.

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FAQ About Assisted Living in Gilbert, AZ

The town’s assisted living facilities offer a wealth of benefits to seniors, including help with transport to appointments and activities, expertly prepared meals, and support with finding social events and other things to do in Gilbert. Members of staff are also on hand around the clock to patiently assist residents with activities of daily living, including:

  • Bathing and grooming
  • Physically dressing
  • Oral and nail care
  • Using the bathroom
  • Walking independently
  • Climbing stairs

Seniors in Gilbert are perfectly served by the town’s dedicated senior center. The Gilbert Senior Center offers nearby assisted living facility residents a chance to partake in many additional activities and programs, all with no membership fees.

Many of Gilbert’s most popular assisted living facilities now routinely offer virtual tours to seniors and their families. All conducted online, interested parties typically have a choice of an interactive walkthrough or one-to-one tours, with the latter generally carried out by a member of staff on an appointment basis.