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Just southeast of Phoenix, Chandler, AZ, offers assisted living opportunities for seniors to enjoy life in the city. With many of Arizona’s top hospitals on their doorstep, assisted living facilities in Chandler are popular with aging individuals requiring a degree of extra day-to-day support. Afforded to seniors in comfortable, home-away-from-home-like surroundings, perks include regular meal services, help with ADLs, and much more.

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What is the Cost of Assisted Living in Chandler, AZ

Assisted living in Chandler costs $3,975 per month on average. Both in the city and surrounding suburbs, this is the typical monthly price for assisted living communities as determined by insurance provider Genworth. To put this into context, comparable nursing home care in Chandler has an average of $9,946 every month, according to Genworth’s latest Cost of Care Survey.

Chandler, AZ, at a Glance

The bustling city of Chandler is popular with seniors looking for assisted living communities in the Phoenix area. Famed for its annual Ostrich Festival, the city offers much to see and do for seniors. An abundance of parks and other outdoor spaces allows Chandler’s roughly 250,000 residents to make the most of the year-round sunny weather on offer.

Chandler Weather and Climate

Chandler benefits from year-round sunshine and clear days. Even the city’s colder months are mild, with temperatures rarely dipping below the mid-60s. Summers are invariably hot and dry, with average daily highs routinely exceeding 100 degrees between June and September in recent years.

Spring and fall, which are particularly pleasant, represent the perfect opportunity to spend long days outdoors enjoying all that the city and surrounding areas have to offer.

Local Hospitals and Notable Medical Care

Chandler and neighboring Phoenix are well-known for their many top-rated hospitals. Among the area’s most highly rated healthcare facilities are Banner Boswell Medical Center, St. Joseph’s Hospital and Medical Center, and Mayo Clinic-Phoenix. Also on hand is Chandler Regional Medical CenterAcross the Phoenix Metropolitan Area, seniors have access to a total of approximately 60 hospitals and other medical facilities. Many are open around the clock to provide emergency medical care, while others specialize in fields ranging from cardiology and heart surgery to gynecology, orthopedics, and psychiatry.


Keeping residents of Chandler on the move is the responsibility of the city’s dedicated Transportation Division. As an aspect of life that local officials take extremely seriously, getting from one place to another is often straightforward thanks to the city’s well-maintained transportation infrastructure.

Many residents routinely rely on the Valley Metro, which operates bus services 365 days a year. Elsewhere, the region’s growing light rail network provides convenient train services into Phoenix and Tempe.

Arts, Culture, and Recreation

Chandler continues to be popular with seniors passionate about arts and culture. Many regularly head to the Chandler Center for the Arts, the city’s 1,500-seat regional performing arts venue. There’s also the Vision Gallery, which proudly represents over 300 regional artists from Chandler and surrounding areas.

Also popular are the Arizona Railway Museum at Tumbleweed Park and the historic McCullough-Price House, renovated by the city and open to the public since 2007. In terms of more general entertainment, the Chandler Fashion Center is not to be missed, boasting an indoor mall, a movie theater, restaurants, and more.

For visiting grandkids, be sure to check out the dedicated kids’ i.d.e.a. Museum, the Arizona Museum of Natural History, and, back outdoors, the themed playground, Playtopia!, also at Tumbleweed Park.

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How Do I Pay for Chandler, AZ Assisted Living?


Veteran's Benefits

Assisted living for former military personnel in Chandler can be paid for with veteran’s benefits. Across Arizona, further support is also available via the Veterans Administration’s Aid and Attendance programs. Benefits here may be used to cover the cost of living in which senior veterans require aid with daily tasks but are unable to cover the necessary costs by other means. Known as ADLs or “activities of daily living,” examples of such tasks include:

  • Bathing and grooming
  • Physically dressing
  • Oral and nail care
  • Using the bathroom
  • Walking independently
  • Climbing stairs

Eligible veterans may also be able to use the same benefits toward more costly skilled nursing home care when required.


Long-Term Care Insurance

Seniors looking to enjoy life in Chandler may have coverage for assisted living costs via one or more long-term care insurance policies. Such policies are designed to pay for outgoing costs tied to ongoing housing and care as an individual ages. Whether in part or in full, assisted living is routinely covered by private insurance policies of this nature, which are available to anyone happy to pay the associated premiums.


Home Equity

An option available to many seniors looking to pay for assisted living involves utilizing home equity. With that, existing homeowners may harness equity held in real estate to help finance assisted living in Chandler.

In a type of loan known as a home equity line of credit, available funding depends on a property’s market value. With this established, financing for funds proportional to what would otherwise be tied up in real estate may then be borrowed and secured against a senior’s home to pay for assisted living and other essentials.



For the most part, Medicare will not cover assisted living costs in Chandler, Maricopa County, or wider Arizona. In exceptional circumstances, Medicare may cover qualified healthcare costs at an assisted living facility for a limited period. However, this is only likely when a degree of skilled nursing care is required but cannot otherwise be afforded by a senior or their family.



When other options of paying for assisted living in Chandler have been exhausted, the Arizona Long-Term Care System may step in to help. A part of Arizona’s wider Medicaid program, the state’s long-term care provisions are intended to cover seniors’ basic living costs when financing from elsewhere isn’t an option. Arizona Long-Term Care System benefits are currently capped at approximately $1,200 per month.

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FAQ About Assisted Living in Chandler, AZ

Seniors enjoying life in Chandler’s various assisted living facilities benefit from access to the city’s dedicated senior center. Focused on promoting the importance of culture, socializing, and enjoying a healthy lifestyle, the Chandler Senior Center is committed to providing recreational and leisure opportunities, ranging from trips and excursions to holiday celebrations.

Your local Chandler senior living expert can arrange virtual tours at your preferred list of communities. This could include either interactive walkthrough-type or one-on-one tours, all accessible online.

In Chandler, the differences between assisted living and nursing homes are much like anywhere else. Aside from price, the main difference in many cases will be that a nursing home can provide a degree of additional clinical and/or medical care. Assisted living facilities, on the other hand, remain largely focused on more general personal and social support and care, encouraging residents to live as independently as possible.

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