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Memory Care In Portsmouth, NH

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Memory care facilities in Portsmouth, NH, are long-term residential care communities for aging adults with cognitive decline and dementia. The properties are secured to prevent wandering, a common problem for many with dementia. Professionally trained caregivers help de-escalate aggressive outbursts or anxious behaviors and can provide gentle and compassionate redirection and reminders for seniors.

Some Portsmouth memory care facilities are stand-alone properties focusing exclusively on dementia treatment, while other communities are separate and secure wings that are part of a larger assisted living facility. This configuration may make it easier for seniors in assisted living to gracefully transition as their needs change and they remain in familiar surroundings.

Types of Memory Care

Elderly adults have a higher risk of developing dementia, of which Alzheimer’ Disease is just one form. Dementia conditions have many similar symptoms, including cognitive decline, but each state may have a slightly different treatment plan. Memory care facilities can accommodate residents with many forms of dementia, including:

  • Lewy body dementia
  • Mixed dementia
  • Alzheimer’s disease
  • Frontotemporal dementia

Some memory care properties in Portsmouth may also accept residents who have cognitive decline due to another type of medical condition, such as the following:

  • Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease
  • Traumatic brain injury (TBI)
  • Parkinson’s disease
  • Huntington’s disease

Portsmouth memory care facilities offer more than just accommodations for residents. Programs that help improve the quality of life include aromatherapy, art and music therapy. Many memory care facilities also include occupational and speech therapy for residents to help them retain their abilities. Additionally, low staff-to-resident ratios are also important for better resident care.

The design of memory care properties in Portsmouth is also important for ease of navigation for residents. Wide hallways with handrails and open floor plans make it easier for seniors to get around independently. Clear directions to different parts of the facility and labeling of the dining room, common areas, and fitness or therapy rooms are also important. Security is critical, and most properties have electronic locks on exterior doors and interior areas to restrict access only to approved staff members.

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What is the Cost of Memory Care in Portsmouth, NH

The cost of memory care in Portsmouth averages around $7,978 per month. While each memory care property’s average monthly costs will vary according to its included amenities, overall memory care fees are higher than other senior care options.

Each memory care resident lives in either a semi-private or private room that includes laundry and linen service plus light housekeeping. Meals are provided, and residents who require help eating or room service delivery receive the accommodation they need. These are only a few of the activities of daily living that caregivers provide. Others include:

  • Medication supervision and insulin monitoring
  • Mobility assistance, like lifts or transfers
  • Taking care of their apartment and belongings
  • Toileting or diaper changes
  • Personal care, showering, and grooming
  • Selecting clothes and dressing
  • Transportation and escorts to doctor’s appointments and other medical care

Portsmouth, NH, memory care facilities create personalized care plans for residents, and each plan includes doctor’s recommendations for treating dementia and any health concerns staff members should be aware of. Seniors receive help with ADLs as they need it, even without a care plan, although some plans may note particular ADLs.

What Should Every Senior Know About Living in Portsmouth, NH?

Portsmouth is a coastal city located on New Hamsphire’s Atlantic Coast. It’s near the border of Maine, along the banks of the Piscataqua River. As part of New England, the city is rich in pre-Colonial and American history and is close enough to Boston for residents to access the amenities of one of the country’s biggest cities. New Hampshire is quite tax-friendly for retirees, with no state income tax levied on retirement account withdrawals or Social Security income.

Portsmouth Weather & Climate

The weather in Portsmouth is characterized by cold, snowy winters and warm, pleasant summers. It receives about 50 inches of snow each year and January low temperatures in the teens. However, July highs are in the low 80s.

Local Hospitals & Notable Medical Care

Seniors may opt to receive medical treatment from Wentworth-Douglass Hospital, which offers specialty care, or the Portsmouth Regional Hospital, the largest in the city and one with online medical care appointments available.


Seniors may use the Coast Bus public transit to travel around the city. This transit system also has ADA-approved shuttles available for those who qualify.

Arts, Culture & Recreation

Portsmouth is an ideal place for history buffs to visit. Some families may like exploring the Strawberry Banke Museum, where costumed staff demonstrates traditional crafts, or the historic Market Square in downtown Portsmouth. Or, they may simply enjoy escorting their loved ones in memory care to Prescott Park to enjoy the walking trails or a picnic.

How Do I Pay for Memory Care in Portsmouth, NH?

Families looking for a memory care community for their loved ones often wonder about ways to pay for accommodations. There are several programs and benefits that can help offset the out-of-pocket costs for memory care, and a local Portsmouth memory care advisor can help you find ones that your loved one is eligible for.


Veteran's Benefits

The Department of Veteran’s Affairs offers two programs for vets and their surviving spouses. These programs may pay for memory care (the Improved Pension Plan) and the services these facilities provide (the Aid and Assistance Benefit). A local VA representative can help you apply if your loved one is unable to do so for themselves.


Home Equity

Homeowners in Portsmouth who have built equity in their homes can potentially use it to pay for memory care. Ask your local memory care advisor how this procedure works.


Spend Down

Although New Hampshire Medicaid has an income limit, seniors or married couples whose monthly income exceeds this may still qualify through the “spend down” program. They spend the difference between the eligibility cap and their monthly income on medical care and treatment and then they may be eligible for Medicaid.



Medicare Part A and Part B, which many seniors enrolled in at 65, do not cover memory care, although some Medicare enrollees may have opted for a Supplemental Medicare plan, which can pay for memory care services.



The New Hampshire Medicaid program offers a long-term care waiver, available for seniors who require a nursing home level of care but would rather receive services and accommodations elsewhere, such as in a memory care facility. Ask your local Portsmouth memory care advocate about how to enroll your loved one in the Choices For Independence Medicaid Waiver benefit.

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FAQ About Memory Care in Portsmouth, NH

You may notice behavioral changes in your family member. Or, if they’re already living in assisted living or receiving home health care, their caregivers may have told you about increasing confusion and forgetfulness or frustrated outbursts that may indicate the onset of dementia. A doctor can diagnose your loved one and recommend care options, including whether they would benefit from living at  Portsmouth memory care property.

Each facility has its own policies about the age of residents. Portsmouth memory are facilities that are part of an assisted living community often only accommodate aging adults since many residents transition from assisted living to the on-site memory care community. However, some properties accommodate any resident with cognitive decline and may not be limited to seniors. Ask a local memory care advocate about age limits for the properties you’re interested in.

Routine is essential for memory care residents, making their days predictable. While memory care facilities in Portsmouth encourage family and friends to visit during visiting hours and on family days, few will allow a resident to leave the facility for an overnight stay, simply for the protection of the senior.

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