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Senior Living Advisor in Scottsdale, AZ

Year-round sunshine, the natural beauty of the American southwest, and an internationally recognized golfing scene — these are just a few of the reasons why Scottsdale, AZ is such a popular retirement destination. However, there are so many senior living properties in the area that it can be hard to decide which community is the best one for you. Fortunately, senior living placement advisors in Scottsdale are available to help you find the perfect choice for your lifestyle and care needs.

Personalized Support With a Scottsdale Senior Living Advisors

Assisted Living Locators’ certified advisors for senior living will work closely with you to find the perfect senior housing for your lifestyle needs. Unlike national referral agencies, our senior care experts actually live in the Scottsdale area. They know all the best senior living communities in the city and will create a customized plan around your needs.

Your Scottsdale, AZ Senior Living Advisor

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About Scottsdale, AZ

  • Cost of Living

    Seniors moving to senior living communities in the Scottsdale area enjoy costs that are lower than the US average. Assisted living averages just $4,000 per month in Scottsdale compared to the US average of $4,300 per month. Your Scottsdale senior living placement advisor can help you explore trends in senior living costs and understand the factors that influence pricing.

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  • Local Hospitals and Medical Care

    As senior care advisors in Scottsdale like to point out, the city boasts several highly-ranked medical providers, including:

  • Weather and Climate

    When asked why seniors should move to the area, local senior living advisors in Scottsdale always highlight the climate. While the average summer high can reach 95° (F), winters are wonderfully mild, with an average temperature of 58° (F). Scottsdale is also one of the sunniest cities in the U.S., with around 300 sunny days per year.

  • Transportation

    There are many ways to travel around Scottsdale without needing a car. For example, when you work with a local Assisted Living Locators senior care advisor, they will often personally take you to tour communities around the city. Moreover, three public transit systems operate in the area: the Scottsdale Trolley, the Orbit Neighborhood Shuttle, and the Valley Metro.

Additional Senior Living Care Advisors near
Scottsdale, AZ

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Care assessment tool

Access our free senior care assessment tool, which can help you evaluate the specific needs and requirements of you or your loved one. By answering a series of questions, you’ll receive personalised recommendations and insights to aid in the decision-making process.

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FAQ About Assisted Living in Scottsdale, AZ


Researching, touring, and evaluating different senior living properties in Scottsdale is a time-consuming challenge — especially if you don’t live in the area. Working with a local advisor for senior living will speed up and simplify the process of finding the perfect senior living community for your lifestyle needs.

Our local Scottsdale senior living advocates and advisors will help you as you prepare to move into senior living. They will help you get organized, guide you through touring different properties around Scottsdale, and help you develop a financial strategy to pay for your new lifestyle.

Assisted Living Locators will simplify your search for a local senior living care advisor in the greater Scottsdale area. Just tell us where in or around Scottsdale you want to find senior housing, and we will direct you to a qualified local senior housing expert who can assist you in finding your new home.