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Marcus & Chrissy Moser Assisted Living Locators of S. Lee & Collier County

Marcus & Chrissy Moser

Marcus & Chrissy Moser

Serving S. Fort Myers, Naples, Marco Island, and Southwest Florida

Budget and price range

The average cost of assisted living in Naples, FL is $5,300 per month. Please contact us anytime to discuss the exact pricing for the care options you need.


We do our best to work with anyone’s budget. Cost in Lee and Collier counties run in the range of $2,000 to $10,000 plus per month.

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Budget and price range

The average cost of assisted living in Naples, FL is $5,300 per month. Please contact us anytime to discuss the exact pricing for the care options you need.


We do our best to work with anyone’s budget. Cost in Lee and Collier counties run in the range of $2,000 to $10,000 plus per month.

About Marcus & Chrissy Moser

Marcus and Chrissy have been working with seniors and their families for more than 10 years. Chrissy was a hospice social worker and psychotherapist specializing in issues of late adulthood before joining the Assisted Living Locators family. Marcus and Chrissy found themselves at a loss when Chrissy’s grandfather was diagnosed with dementia and needed additional care. They realized what a valuable service Assisted Living Locators provides and are proud to be a part of this industry leading team.

Finding the right senior living options

Our hands-on approach is uniquely tailored to each family’s needs. By providing support and guidance to families going through this challenging journey, we bring confidence and expert knowledge to the placement process.

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Why choose local experts?

We have a network of fully vetted in-home care providers and assisted living communities throughout the Southwest Florida area that share one common characteristic -- excellence in care.

Specialties & Qualifications

Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Certified Family Mediator


Feedback From The Families

Nancy Oby Avatar
Nancy Oby
- Google
Chrissy Moser has been outstanding in helping us locate an assisted living home for our family member. Her knowledge of the 'system' is impressive and she has been beyond helpful to us in both finding the right place and qualifying for Medicaid. Once we started working with Chrissy, she was always available to guide us through the bureaucracy of Medicaid or any other difficulties. Highly recommend this company and particularly Chrissy.
Susan Keelen Avatar
Susan Keelen
- Google
I highly recommend Christy for locating an appropriate Assisted living facility for friends or family in need. Christy was so patient , kind and extremely progressional. We had specific needs for a dear friend in need and Christy went above and beyond to help fulfill those needs. Our friend was placed in a cozy assisted living home ( Royal Vista) that met his needs beyond expectations. Thank you Christy and Assisted Living Locators Susan Keelen and Ralph Silvestro
Ellen DiMarco Avatar
Ellen DiMarco
- Google
Chrissy carefully listened to our concerns and helped us find the best solution. She patiently answered our many questions. She was a huge help!
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About Lee & Collier Counties

Naples, Florida, is an ideal destination for seniors seeking a vibrant and comfortable retirement experience. This coastal city on the Gulf of Mexico offers a wide range of attractions and services that cater to the needs and preferences of older adults. Here’s what makes Naples, FL, a fantastic place for seniors:

  • Warm Climate: Naples enjoys a warm and sunny climate year-round, making it a perfect choice for seniors who appreciate milder winters and abundant sunshine.
  • Senior-Friendly Services: Naples is home to a variety of senior-focused services, including healthcare facilities, in-home care providers, and senior transportation options.
Naples, Florida, USA Town Skyline

Healthcare in Naples, FL

Healthcare in Naples, Florida, is well-established and provides a comprehensive range of services to meet the unique healthcare needs of seniors. The city offers access to state-of-the-art medical facilities, a wide array of specialists, and an abundance of healthcare resources, ensuring that older adults can receive high-quality care and maintain their well-being.

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Why Work With
a Senior Living Advisor?

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Contact Your Local Care Advisors

The services provided by Assisted Living Locators® senior care advisors are designed to make the process of finding senior care as stress-free and seamless as possible for everyone involved.

Finding the right senior care is essential for ensuring the safety, health, and well-being of older adults. With appropriate care, seniors can maintain their independence, enjoy a high quality of life, and age with dignity. However, choosing the right care option can be a challenging and overwhelming task, and it’s crucial to consider factors such as location, cost, level of care needed, and personal preferences.

That’s why it’s important to seek the guidance of a senior care advisor who can help you navigate the complex landscape of senior care and find the best option for your loved one’s unique needs. Assisted Living Locators® has over 20 years of experience serving families across the country as the most trusted senior care advisors.

How it Works?

Discover the perfect senior living community with Assisted Living Locators’ free services, including personalized assessments, expert guidance, and access to a nationwide network of trusted providers.

Our proprietary four step process ensures you have a seamless experience from start to finish. There is never any cost for our assistance.

  • In-Depth Assessment of Your Needs

    1.In-Depth Assessment of Your Needs

    We’ll get to know you and your loved one’s needs, either by phone or in person.

  • Thoughtful Analysis & Recommendations

    2.Thoughtful Analysis & Recommendations

    We’ll provide our best recommendations for care that will meet your unique needs.

  • Assistance with the Selection Process

    3.Assistance with the Selection Process

    We’ll be there for you every step of the way - accompanying you on tours, providing feedback, and helping to evaluate your options.

  • Transition Support

    4.Transition Support

    When it comes time for your loved one to make the transition to a new community, we’ll be there to support you.


Finding the best senior living is complicated. We've made it easier with our free Care Assessment Tool. Try it.

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Benefits of Working With a Senior Living Advisor

Advisor in Your City
Assisted Living Locators® senior care advisors are certified professionals who specialize in helping families and older adults navigate the world of senior care. We have over 20 years of experience serving families across the country as the most trusted senior care advisors.
  • Expert knowledge and experience on the care options in our local area.

    Expert knowledge and experience on the care options in our local area.

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  • Personalized recommendations and guidance

    Personalized recommendations and guidance

  • Reduced stress and anxiety for seniors and their families

    Reduced stress and anxiety for seniors and their families

  • Unbiased solutions you can trust.

    Unbiased solutions you can trust.

  • Streamlined search process

    Streamlined search process

Selecting the best Memory Care community in Naples, Florida can be challenging because every individual’s needs are unique, and there are various layers to consider. There is no one-size-fits-all answer, as each Memory Care community offers its own distinctive value and benefits. When exploring Memory Care options in Naples, it’s essential to assess factors like the level of care, specialized dementia programs, safety features, staff qualifications, and the overall environment to align them with the specific requirements and preferences of the individual with memory impairments.

Qualifying for Medicaid in Naples, FL involves a comprehensive financial assessment. Eligibility is contingent on factors such as income, assets, and medical necessity. To navigate the Medicaid qualification process, individuals can seek guidance from Medicaid experts or local government resources. Additionally, they can inquire with senior living communities in Naples to ascertain which ones accept the Medicaid Assisted Living Waiver. This can be a valuable financial resource for seniors who require financial assistance to access Assisted Living services.

The right timing for transitioning to a senior living community in Naples, FL is a highly individual decision. There’s no universal “best” time, as it depends on an individual’s specific needs, preferences, and circumstances. It is crucial to engage in discussions with qualified professionals and family members well in advance, rather than waiting for a crisis to necessitate an abrupt decision. This proactive approach allows for thoughtful planning, better-informed choices, and the ability to choose the right senior living option that aligns with the individual’s lifestyle and healthcare needs.

Marcus & Chrissy Moser

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