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New Year’s Resolutions for Adult Children from Assisted Living Locators

PHOENIX, Ariz. – Dec. 29, 2022 — The New Year is a great opportunity for adult children to reflect on their aging parents and to make goals and resolutions to help them in the coming year. 

Assisted Living Locators, a nationwide no-cost senior placement and referral service, is providing New Year’s resolutions for adult children to help aging parents get the care and support they need.

Assisted Living Locators Brand President Angela Olea stated that during the holiday season adult children may have seen changes in mom or dad, such as age-related decline, cognitive impairment, and health or safety issues. “The new year is an important time to re-evaluate their healthcare needs and ensure that the right services and support are in place,” she explained.

Olea recommends four senior care resolutions to help adult children get organized for the future care of an aging parent:

Evaluate Health and Wellness

Evaluate your loved one’s living situation to determine if additional support is necessary. Ask about their medical visits. Take a photo of their prescriptions for your records. Do a safety inspection to see if area rugs, lighting, and steps, may fall at risk. Inquire about their social life and listen for mental health concerns.

Plan for Senior Care

While your senior can live independently right now, the day may come when they require assistance with everyday activities. Learn about their wishes regarding elder care. Do they prefer in-home care or an assisted living facility? What financial or insurance resources are available to pay for their home care? 

Collect and Review Important Financial and Legal Documents

It’s important to cover money matters before a medical crisis occurs. Set aside time to collect important documents to prepare for your parent’s elder care and health care. Make sure insurance cards, birth certificates, wills, and financial records are in one place. 

Prepare for the Cost of Long-Term Care

One of the first questions seniors and their families often ask is, “How much does long-term care cost?” Understanding in-home care costs, entrance rates, monthly fees, and the levels of care offered in a senior living community help to narrow your search and budget for the future. Consider using a senior care advisor that can provide an insider’s view on in-home care agencies and local senior communities.

“Assisted Living Locators is a free service that can help you explore and understand elder care options,”  said Olea.  “Our senior care advisors meet with each family to learn about their loved one’s needs, living conditions, and personal preferences in order to build a care plan. From relocation to respite care to alternative solutions for paying for long-term care, our comprehensive resources can help you prepare for the future.”

If you have questions about senior care options, speak to an Assisted Living Locators Senior Care Advisor at 877-266-7788 or visit  

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