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Assisted Living In salt Lake City, UT

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Salt Lake City, UT, assisted living communities provide extra assistance with daily living and personal care for seniors who may not be able to live independently. The Salt Lake metro area is the largest in Utah. Within this area are dozens of assisted living communities, which can make narrowing down your options a challenge. In this guide, you’ll find more information about the cost of assisted living in Salt Lake City and options to help pay the monthly fees. We also include more information about what to expect from assisted living.
A local Salt Lake City senior care advisor can help you and your family find the right assisted living property for your senior’s unique needs.

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What is the Cost of Assisted Living in Salt Lake City, UT

Average monthly assisted living fees in Salt Lake City are $3,310, although some communities with more amenities may cost more. A local Salt Lake City senior care advisor can help you understand the fee structure of assisted living properties you’re interested in.

To gain a better understanding of how much your loved one can pay for assisted living, start by adding up their current household expenses, including rent or mortgage, utilities, groceries, transportation and other monthly spending items. This can give you an idea of how much they’ll be able to contribute to long-term care. Some assisted living communities have inclusive pricing and include meals, housekeeping and laundry services at one monthly cost. In contrast, others offer different add-on services for residents, such as meals or WiFi.

Residents in assisted living communities receive help from trained staff, available around the clock, with activities of daily living (ADLs). People who have a high degree of independence before moving into assisted living will enjoy the same level of independence in their new community. However, as their needs change, they will have the support they need.

What Should Every Senior Know About Living in Salt Lake City, UT?

Salt Lake City is known for the soaring Mormon Temple and performances by the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, as well as the setting for the Olympic Winter Games. It’s the largest metro area in the state. Many seniors can benefit from the advantages of big-city living, including plenty of health care options, entertainment venues and access to government agencies. It’s important for seniors to note that all forms of retirement income are taxed in Utah, including Social Security.

Salt Lake City Weather & Climate

Even though, Salt Lake City winters are cold and snowy, summers are warm and pleasant. January low temperatures drop to the 20s, and the city receives, on average, 54 inches of snow each year. July high temperatures reach into the mid-80s, and the city receives 228 days of sunshine each year.

Local Hospitals & Notable Medical Care

Salt Lake City offers diverse healthcare options for seniors. Alta View Hospital provides comprehensive services including primary and specialty care, while the University of Utah Hospital, a teaching facility, offers emergency care. Additionally, the VA Salt Lake City Health Care System caters specifically to veterans’ needs with primary, specialty, and mental health services.


Salt Lake City has a robust public transit system, with Front Runner commuter trains, buses and Trax light rail lines that go from the airport to the ski slopes and into the suburbs. Seniors may be eligible for reduced fares on all three transit systems.

Arts, Culture & Recreation

Salt Lake City offers a vibrant arts and culture scene, featuring institutions such as the Utah Museum of Fine Arts, which exhibits a wide array of artworks. Enjoy performances at iconic venues like Abravanel Hall and the Capitol Theatre, or immerse yourself in local and regional art at galleries such as Finch Lane and Urban Arts Gallery. Whether your interests lie in classical music, contemporary art, or exploring cultural festivals that celebrate Utah’s unique heritage and culinary delights, Salt Lake City provides enriching experiences for all.

How Do I Pay for Salt Lake City, UT Assisted Living?

Salt Lake City senior care advisors can help you and your family find payment options for assisted living, such as benefits for which your senior may be eligible. Senior care advisors also help families understand the billing structure of communities they’re interested in, making it easier to find properties that fit your budget.
Different ways to cover the costs for assisted living in Salt Lake City include:


Veteran's Benefits

Military veterans and their surviving spouses may be eligible for the VA’s Improved Pension Program (IPP). It’s a benefit administered by the U.S. Department of Veteran’s Affairs. Veterans can find out eligibility requirements and receive help applying for the IPP at their local VA Center.

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Long-Term Care Insurance

Long-term care insurance is an insurance plan intended to cover long-term care costs, including assisted living. Ask your loved one if they are enrolled in long-term care insurance, and contact the issuing agent for information about the benefits of the plan and what it covers.


Home Equity

If your loved one has paid off their home or paid off a large amount of the mortgage, they may have equity built up in the home. Home equity may be used to pay for assisted living fees. Your local senior care advocate can help you and your family understand the process.



Traditional Medicaid, which is Medicaid Part A and Part B, does not cover assisted living fees, but some Supplemental Medicaid plans may cover some of the long-term care costs. Check your loved one’s coverage for details.



Utah Medicaid administers the New Choices Waiver program, which is intended to help pay for long-term care, including assisted living. The program is an option for people who would prefer to live in an integrated care setting, such as assisted living, instead of a nursing home, as long as their needs are met in the alternative setting.

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FAQ About Assisted Living in Salt Lake City, UT

Salt Lake City assisted living communities encourage residents to bring their own furniture and personal touches to decorate their private apartments. Some communities provide limited furnishings, but you’re allowed to bring your own as well, to make your place feel like home.

Yes! Most assisted living communities are pet-friendly, although the policies for pets and where you can walk them will vary from community to community.

Assisted living properties feature apartment-style living, with many shared spaces such as TV lounges, libraries and fitness centers to encourage community socialization. Meals are often served restaurant-style in dining rooms, allowing residents to eat with friends. Different activities and hobby club meetings are scheduled throughout the week.

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