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Assisted Living In Berwyn, PA

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Many older adults in Berwyn, PA, part of Philadelphia’s Main Line, may be considering accommodations at an assisted living property. Assisted living communities offer residents support for their daily needs in a group setting, with caregivers available night and day to help. This guide contains information about the cost of assisted living in Berwyn and benefits seniors may be eligible for to help pay the fees. It also provides more insight into the assisted living experience and information about the city of Berwyn.
It can be challenging for seniors to know where to start when looking at assisted living properties in Berwyn, especially if they aren’t from the area. A local Berwyn senior care advisor helps seniors and their families learn more about assisted living facilities in the city and how to find a suitable one.

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What is the Cost of Assisted Living in Berwyn, PA

The monthly average cost for assisted living in Berwyn is $5,685, although individual facilities may be different, depending on their amenities and location. A local senior care advocate can help you find an assisted living facility in your price range.

To have a better idea of your budget for assisted living, look at your current monthly expenses. Tally the costs for rent or mortgage payments, groceries, household maintenance and utilities, transportation, and “fun money.”

Many assisted living properties have a  fee structure that includes room and board, light housekeeping and maintenance, and limited transportation.

Other communities, however, have different levels of care and services at various price points. Local Berwyn senior care advocates can help you understand the fee structures of assisted living properties you’re interested in.

Assisted living communities schedule staff 24-7 to help residents with the activities of daily living (ADLs) and respond to resident needs and emergencies. Common ADLs include:

  • Mobility assistance, such as moving from a bed to standing or from a wheelchair to bed
  • Bathing or showering
  • Personal grooming, like putting on make-up or shaving
  • Preparing meals, cleaning up, or eating
  • Medication management and reminders

Assisted living residents are given as much support as they require and are encouraged to be as independent as possible. Should their health worsen or their needs change, they’ll receive immediate aid with whatever they require.

Bringing up the option of moving to assisted living can be stressful for many families. You may wish to note your loved one’s ability to take care of chores around their house, move around unassisted, and care for themselves. If there’s a decline in their abilities, or if their health status changes, then it may be time to address moving into assisted living. Ask a local senior care advisor about finding a suitable assisted living facility for your loved one.

What Should Every Senior Know About Living in Berwyn, PA?

Berwyn is a suburb of Philadelphia, PA, a small bedroom community considered part of the city’s Main Line suburbs. Residents of Berwyn reap the benefits of living close to a major city, such as access to health care and plenty of entertainment options, while still preserving the slower pace and vibe of a small town. Pennsylvania offers several tax benefits for seniors. Income derived from Social Security and retirement investments is tax-free, and pension income for people aged 60 and older is also exempt from state income tax.

Berwyn Weather & Climate

Berwyn weather is generally pleasant year-round, with winter lows in the 20s and a little less snow than the U.S. average, 25 inches compared to 28. Summers are warm, with high temperatures hitting the low 80s and 202 sunny days each year.

Local Hospitals & Notable Medical Care

The greater Philadelphia area is home to world-renowned medical care, like Penn Medicine Valley Forge, affiliated with the prestigious University of Pennsylvania, an innovative health care leader. Or, seniors may opt for treatment closer to home, from the Paoli Hospital, which features emergency care and specialty treatment.


Berwyn residents may use the SEPTA, a light rail line and fixed bus route public transit system with stops throughout Philadelphia and its suburbs. Seniors are eligible for discounted fares. SEPTA also offers paratransit for those who qualify.

Arts, Culture & Recreation

The Berwyn area is rich in Colonial history, and history buffs may enjoy exploring the LibertyBell museum in Philadelphia or various Revolutionary War monuments. Philadephia is also known for the Museum Mile, a cluster of art museums and outdoor sculptures recognized by Conde Nast. This city is also well-known for its eclectic culinary scene.

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How Do I Pay for Berwyn, PA Assisted Living?

Families in Berwyn may not have to pay out of pocket for all of their loved ones assisted living fees. Your senior may be eligible for one or more of these benefits:


Veteran's Benefits

Many military veterans and their surviving spouses may apply for the Improved Pension Program (IPP), a benefit administered by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. The IPP may pay for some or all of the recipient’s assisted living fees. You can learn more about the program and receive help with your application at a local VA Center.


Long-Term Care Insurance

Long-term car insurance is an optional insurance program that helps cover assisted living costs. Since these are optional plans, your loved one may not participate in one. Ask them about their insurance policies, and if they have long-term care insurance, contact the insurance company to learn about the plan’s coverage and limits.


Home Equity

Berwyn homeowners may have built up substantial equity in their homes. Home equity may be used to pay for senior living; if your loved one has paid off their home, or most of it, talk to a local senior care advisor about using home equity to pay for assisted living.



Many seniors are enrolled in Medicare Part A and Part B, which don’t cover assisted living. Some people may have opted for additional Medicare plans, called Supplemental Medicare, which may cover some of the fees for assisted living services.



Pennsylvania Medicaid offers several alternative-to-nursing-home waivers intended to help people receive the care they need without taking up residence in a nursing home. Some of these may cover services for assisted living, although the qualifications for each one differ. Ask your local Berwyn senior care advocate about the details of the programs and your loved one’s eligibility for each.

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FAQ About Assisted Living in Berwyn, PA

Many seniors in assisted living may wish to spend the night with family for special occasions. These overnight visits are typically evaluated on a case-by-case basis and may depend on where the individual will be staying and their care needs. Ask a local senior care advisor to help you understand the overnight visit policies of your preferred assisted living properties.

Some people choose to move into an assisted living community for greater social opportunities, reducing the sense of isolation that many elderly experience. Others may need readily available help for personal care or mobility or may require a shorter-term stay to recover from illness or an injury.

Seniors are encouraged to bring their own furniture and decorations to their assisted living facility. Assisted living facilities offer apartment-style living, and many apartments are partially furnished, so seniors can decorate their spaces as they wish to feel more at home.

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