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Assisted Living In Portsmouth, NH

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An assisted living community in Portsmouth, NH, may be an attractive option for seniors who may be unable to live independently or desire a community living arrangement that can accommodate them as their needs change. Assisted living communities help seniors retain their independence and a social environment, which reduces some of the isolation many people living alone feel. This guide provides more information about Portsmouth assisted living properties and their costs, plus ways for seniors and their families to pay for assisted living. A local Portsmouth senior living advisor can help you and your family explore your options for assisted living to find the right fit for your senior.

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What is the Cost of Assisted Living in Portsmouth, NH

Assisted living properties in Portsmouth average $6,819 per month, although each facility has its own pricing structure and may vary slightly. A local senior care advisor can help you and your family find an assisted living community that fits your needs and budget and explore benefits that can help offset the out-of-pocket costs.

To determine how much your loved one can afford assisted living, you can look at their current monthly budget. Add up their housing costs (rent or mortgage), utilities and household maintenance, groceries, transportation, and optional spending. Most assisted living properties include room and board, utilities and phone, and limited transportation.

Portsmouth assisted living communities encourage residents to enjoy as much independence as possible but have staff on hand to help with activities of daily living (ADLs) as needed. Some everyday things that seniors may need help with include:

  • Bathing, grooming, and using the bathroom
  • Getting dressed
  • Cleaning their apartment and doing laundry
  • Preparing meals or eating
  • Personal care, such as trimming nails or shaving
  • Medication management
  • Mobility assistance, lifts, and transfers

If your loved one can complete many ADLs on their own at home, they’ll be afforded the same level of independence in assisted living. However, should their health decline or needs change, the staff members, available night and day, will be able to help and respond as their needs change. Each assisted living resident has their own personal care plan, which indicates the care and assistance they require, plus any underlying health conditions.

Deciding when to move a loved one into assisted living can be challenging for many families. If you notice that your loved one can no longer care for themselves or their home, or if they suffer a sudden illness or decline in health, then it may be time to broach the topic of transitioning to a Portsmouth assisted living property. A local senior care advocate can help you and your family learn more about their assisted living options.

What Should Every Senior Know About Living in Portsmouth, NH?

As its name suggests, Portsmouth is a port city along the Atlantic Coast of New Hampshire, just across the border from Maine, along the Piscataqua River. The area is rich in Pre-Colonial and early U.S. history. It is close enough to Boston for residents to take advantage of the big-city amenities of one of the most extensive metro areas in the country, including an international airport. Seniors may appreciate that Social Security income in New Hampshire is tax-free, as are withdrawals from retirement accounts.

Portsmouth Weather & Climate

Portsmouth winters are cold and very snowy, with over 50 inches of snowfall each year and lows that drop into the teens, although summers are warm and sunny, with July high temperatures reaching the low 80s.

Local Hospitals & Notable Medical Care

Portsmouth Regional Hospital is the largest hospital in the city, with 24-hour emergency services and online telemedical appointments available. Or Wentworth-Douglass Hospital is another option, with specialty medical treatment options.


Coast Bus provides limited bus service in the Portsmouth area, including paratransit and senior transportation services.

Arts, Culture & Recreation

Portsmouth is an ideal place for history buffs to explore, from the Strawberry Banke Museum, where costumed staff demonstrates traditional crafts, to the historic Market Square in the heart of downtown. With riverside walking trails and boat docks, Prescott Park is a popular place to enjoy nice weather.

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How Do I Pay for Portsmouth, NH Assisted Living?

Many families may struggle to pay for the assisted living fees for their loved ones. A local Portsmouth senior living advisor can help you and your family learn more about benefits and services that your loved one is eligible for that may be used to pay the monthly assisted living fees.
Some Portsmouth assisted living resources include:


Veteran's Benefits

Military veterans and their surviving spouses may be able to use the Improved Pension Plan to pay for assisted living in Portsmouth. The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs offers this benefit, and more information, including help with the application, may be found at the local Veterans Center.

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Long-Term Care Insurance

Some people may have enrolled in long-term care insurance, an optional insurance plan. It’s specifically to help offset long-term care costs and can include covering all of assisted living. Ask your loved one if they are enrolled in one of these plans, and if so, contact the issuing insurance agency for details about the plan, coverage, and obtaining benefits.


Home Equity

Seniors who have paid off all or most of their homes may be able to use the equity they’ve built up to pay for assisted living. Ask your local senior care advisor about how home equity can be used to pay for assisted living.



Medicare Part A and Part B, where many Portsmouth seniors may be enrolled, do not cover assisted living fees. However, some Supplemental Medicare plans may cover assisted living or some of the services at the facility. Ask your loved one if they are enrolled in any other Medicare plans.



New Hampshire Medicaid administers a Medicaid Waiver program, the Residential Care Services benefit, through the Home and Community Based Care for the Elderly and Chronically Ill (HCBC-ECI) program. Seniors who qualify may use this waiver to pay for the cost of assisted living. Your local senior care advocate can explain more about this program to you.

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Access our free senior care assessment tool, which can help you evaluate the specific needs and requirements of you or your loved one. By answering a series of questions, you’ll receive personalised recommendations and insights to aid in the decision-making process.

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FAQ About Assisted Living in Portsmouth, NH

Many assisted living properties allow residents to visit overnight with family. However, this is often determined on a case-by-case basis. Ask your local Portsmouth senior care advisor about how these privileges are determined and which properties may allow your loved one overnight visits.

Seniors who can drive may wish to bring their vehicles to assisted living and enjoy the freedom of running errands and going out when they choose. Many assisted living properties have private parking for residents who can legally drive. Portsmouth assisted living communities often provide transportation to errands and doctor’s appointments for those who cannot or choose not to drive.

Assisted living properties encourage residents to furnish their apartments how they choose and bring their own furniture if they like. Many properties have partially furnished dwellings, although most residents feel more comfortable and settled when surrounded by familiar décor and mementos.

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