Connect with Peter Wilhelm

My own family has gone through the long term care search process and I have helped hundreds of Portland families to do the same - I know the process; I will help you identify the right type of care and match you with providers who are the most qualified and appropriate so your loved one will be safe and well-cared for with dignity.

I love working with families and will help you understand the options and choices to make an informed decision. I will be your buffer from the sales teams, make sure your concerns are heard, tour communities with you and be your advocate.

In Portland, a starting monthly budget of $3,000 is extremely helpful in finding what the long term care that you need.

For statewide information on complaints made against specific senior living housing communities, see the Oregon Department of Human Services and use the facility search tool. For adult care home complaints in Multnomah County, access the Multnomah County Adult Care Options Site Complaint Page.

It is our policy to review the Oregon Department of Human Services Licensing website for information on a provider’s violations and inspections. Please note that the licensing office has stated that there has been a reduction in on-site visits to reduce the spread of COVID-19 although more serious complaints are still being investigated. Accordingly, state-provided information we generally review about providers may not be as complete as pre-COVID-19.