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When it’s time for your older loved one to get some extra help with their activities of daily living (ADLs), you may want to talk with a senior living advisor about assisted living options in New Orleans, LA. Here, we’ll explore everything that you and your family need to know about assisted living in New Orleans, LA, including average monthly cost, things to do in the city, and how to connect with a senior living advisor who can guide you and your family through every step of the process.

Working with an assisted living advisor is a smart way to get all of your questions answered about assisted living in New Orleans, LA.

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What is the Cost of Assisted Living in New Orleans, LA

The average cost of care in an assisted living facility in New Orleans, LA is $4,163 per month. Working with a trusted senior living advisor in New Orleans, LA can help you and your family understand the options that you have to cover your loved one’s assisted living costs.

Many families find it helpful to create a monthly budget for their older loved one’s current expenses. This can make it easier to understand the total amount that your loved one will be able to contribute to the cost of their assisted living facility in New Orleans, LA. You’ll want to include all bills and daily expenses, including mortgage or rent, utilities, home maintenance, yard maintenance, entertainment, social outings, groceries, property taxes, cable and internet, etc.

Your loved one’s assisted living facility in New Orleans, LA will cover all the help they need with their ADLs.

ADLs typically covered by assisted living facilities in New Orleans, LA include:

  • Bathing and other personal care tasks (such as shaving and combing hair)
  • Eating
  • Moving from one place to another, both inside the home and around the assisted living community
  • Using the restroom
  • Getting dressed

Many assisted living facilities offer different monthly fees for different types of condos or apartments. Usually, the base level fee provides assisted living residents in New Orleans, LA with a private condo or apartment. For an increased fee, a larger condo apartment (or a living space with a highly desirable location) may be available. Additional fees may also be required for residents who want to bring their pets with them to their assisted living facility in New Orleans, LA.

It’s also important for families to consider that their loved ones may want or need discretionary funds when they move into their assisted living facility. This can help residents keep up with parts of their independent lifestyle that they enjoy, such as taking part in a hobby that isn’t offered by the assisted living facility in New Orleans, purchasing holiday gifts for loved ones, or ordering books or movies to enjoy on their own.

When you work with a senior living advisor in New Orleans, LA, you’ll get answers to all of your questions regarding the fees associated with your loved one’s assisted living stay. There’s no need to try to figure out the details of paying for an assisted living facility in New Orleans on your own — your senior living expert will be glad to help you and your loved one every step of the way.

New Orleans, LA, at a Glance

Cultural experiences and rich history make New Orleans, LA a hot spot for those who enjoy warm weather and a never-boring metropolitan area.

New Orleans Weather and Climate

Summers in New Orleans are hot with frequent rain, while winters are mild with highs in the mid-60s.

Local Hospitals and Notable Medical Care

The many hospitals in the New Orleans area include New Orleans East Hospital, Tulane Medical Center, and LSU Medical Center.


There are many ways to get around New Orleans, LA without driving, including ferries, busses, streetcars, and more.

Arts, Culture, and Recreation

While New Orleans is known for its Mardi Gras celebration, it’s also a hot spot for arts and culture year-round. Assisted living residents can enjoy musical performances, visual arts, and fine dining in downtown New Orleans at any time of year and will have plenty of options to wow family members when they come to visit.

How Do I Pay for New Orleans, LA Assisted Living?

There are many options to pay for assisted living care in New Orleans. While some families choose to pay out of pocket for assisted living care, there are often other options as well.

Ways to pay for assisted living care in New Orleans, LA include:


Veteran's Benefits

Older adults who spent time serving in the United States military may be eligible for veteran’s benefits that partially or fully cover their assisted living care (their spouse may be eligible for these benefits as well). Many veterans qualify for the Improved Pension Program, which provides help with ADLs to those who qualify. Reach out to your local veteran’s affairs office to learn whether your loved one qualifies for this program.


Long-Term Care Insurance

At some point, your loved one may have taken out a long-term care insurance policy to cover their eventual need for assisted living or nursing home care. If your loved one has this type of insurance, it’s likely that their monthly assisted living costs in New Orleans, LA will be covered. Reach out to their insurance agent to learn how to utilize their benefits.


Home Equity

If your loved one owns their home, they may be able to use home equity to cover the cost of their assisted living care. To qualify for this option, your loved one will need a high credit score and to have paid off all or a large part of their mortgage.



Medicare does not cover the cost of assisted living but will continue to cover some of your loved one’s medical costs incurred while residing in an assisted living facility in New Orleans, LA.



If your loved one qualifies for Medicaid, it’s possible that this low-income insurance program will cover some or all of their assisted living costs. An assisted living advisor can help you learn more about whether your loved one qualifies for this program.

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FAQ About Assisted Living in New Orleans, LA

Nursing home residents require a higher level of medical care than assisted living residents in New Orleans, LA. Typically, assisted living does not provide medical care. Rather, the community transports residents to and from their appointments at a local medical care facility. In assisted living, residents maintain a high level of independence and receive assistance with their ADLs as necessary.

The specific rules on pets at New Orleans assisted living facilities differ — your senior care advisor will be able to talk with you about specific rules at the facilities that pique your interest.

One of New Orleans’s Assisted Living Locators can help arrange a virtual tour of your top assisted living communities.

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