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Elizabeth Plevin Assisted Living Locators St. Petersburg

Elizabeth Plevin

Elizabeth Plevin

St. Petersburg, St. Pete Beach, Pass A Grille & Treasure Island.

Budget and price range

The average cost of assisted living in St. Petersburg, FL, is $4,213 per month. Please contact us anytime to discuss the exact pricing for the care options you need.


Senior housing costs are determined by many factors, largely based on the level of services required. The median cost range will be from $3,500 – $5,000.

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Budget and price range

The average cost of assisted living in St. Petersburg, FL, is $4,213 per month. Please contact us anytime to discuss the exact pricing for the care options you need.


Senior housing costs are determined by many factors, largely based on the level of services required. The median cost range will be from $3,500 – $5,000.

About Elizabeth Plevin

When it came time for me to navigate the complex process of placing one of my family members in an assisted living facility, I found that I couldn’t do it on my own. Not that I wanted the best-fitting facility available, but I didn’t have the expertise to know which one that was. I spent months by myself trying to find that perfect facility, but, in the end, I needed someone to help me find it. Along the way, I discovered that I was not alone: there are so many of us who are unable to find the proper facility for our beloved family members. After dedicating the first part of my life to teaching and encouraging the growth and development of children with special needs, I believe it was time for me to put the knowledge I’ve gained to use, helping to connect assisted living facilities with the ones who need them. There is nothing worse than watching someone you love be unable to get the care that they need, and I hope to make it so that no one else has to share that experience with me.

Finding the right senior living options

My background in serving families and children with special needs has equipped me with a high level of patience and compassion. My clients benefit from my experience advocating for those who can’t advocate for themselves.

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Why choose local experts?

I simplify a family’s search for senior care by visiting and touring properties prior to recommending them to a family. When I preview the different properties, I can make sure they meet the unique needs of the family. I can schedule and accompany families on tours for the properties that I recommend in order to help them understand the options and services provided. Every family and situation is unique, and I will strive to provide the best possible recommendation.

Feedback From The Families

Jocelyn K.

Elizabeth’s kind and caring heart touches the lives of everyone around her. She has an extraordinary ability to connect with people, offering unwavering support and genuine empathy in every interaction. Elizabeth’s warm and nurturing presence brings comfort to those in need.

Tracy S.

Elizabeth’s kindness and patience have provided us with a great deal of comfort. Her willingness to educate us and keep us informed added to our confidence in her.

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About St. Petersburg, FL

St. Petersburg, FL, beckons seniors seeking to enrich their retirement years with its inviting charm. Surrounded by picturesque beaches and rich history, this city offers a harmonious mix of serene living and lively cultural offerings. Seniors can delight in a plethora of leisure activities, from strolling through scenic waterfront parks to enjoying concerts and art exhibitions.

With specialized facilities including top-tier healthcare establishments and bustling community hubs, St. Petersburg is committed to catering to the distinctive needs of its senior residents. This promises a vibrant and fulfilling lifestyle in the midst of the Sunshine State.

St. Petersburg, Florida, USA Downtown City Skyline From the Pier

Healthcare in St. Petersburg, FL

St. Petersburg, FL, offers a comprehensive range of healthcare options tailored to the needs of seniors, ensuring easy access to all aspects of health and wellness. The city boasts esteemed hospitals equipped with cutting-edge medical technologies, alongside community-based health services designed specifically for the elderly.


Bayfront Health St. Petersburg
An esteemed medical center renowned for its wide array of specialties and innovative treatments.
HCA Florida St. Petersburg Hospital
A top-tier hospital providing a diverse range of healthcare services, distinguished by its dedication to exceptional care and patient satisfaction.

In St. Petersburg, seniors benefit from a robust healthcare network that promotes a healthy and enriching lifestyle throughout their golden years.

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How it Works?

Discover the perfect senior living community with Assisted Living Locators’ free services, including personalized assessments, expert guidance, and access to a nationwide network of trusted providers.

Our proprietary four step process ensures you have a seamless experience from start to finish. There is never any cost for our assistance.

  • In-Depth Assessment of Your Needs

    1.In-Depth Assessment of Your Needs

    We’ll get to know you and your loved one’s needs, either by phone or in person.

  • Thoughtful Analysis & Recommendations

    2.Thoughtful Analysis & Recommendations

    We’ll provide our best recommendations for care that will meet your unique needs.

  • Assistance with the Selection Process

    3.Assistance with the Selection Process

    We’ll be there for you every step of the way - accompanying you on tours, providing feedback, and helping to evaluate your options.

  • Transition Support

    4.Transition Support

    When it comes time for your loved one to make the transition to a new community, we’ll be there to support you.


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Benefits of Working With a Senior Living Advisor

Advisor in Your City
Assisted Living Locators® senior care advisors are certified professionals who specialize in helping families and older adults navigate the world of senior care. We have over 20 years of experience serving families across the country as the most trusted senior care advisors.
  • Expert knowledge and experience on the care options in our local area.

    Expert knowledge and experience on the care options in our local area.

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  • Personalized recommendations and guidance

    Personalized recommendations and guidance

  • Reduced stress and anxiety for seniors and their families

    Reduced stress and anxiety for seniors and their families

  • Unbiased solutions you can trust.

    Unbiased solutions you can trust.

  • Streamlined search process

    Streamlined search process

FAQs About Senior Living Advisors in St. Petersburg, FL

Contact Your Local Care Advisors

In St. Petersburg, you can find a variety of high-quality assisted living facilities tailored to meet the diverse needs of seniors. Assisted living homes typically fall into several categories, including traditional assisted living, memory care for those with Alzheimer’s or dementia, and independent living communities with additional support services.

Yes, some assisted living facilities in St. Petersburg may have waitlists due to high demand. It’s recommended to contact your preferred facilities directly to inquire about current availability and potential wait times. Planning ahead and getting on a waitlist early can ensure your loved one secures a spot in their desired community.



Medicare does not typically cover the costs of assisted living or memory care. However, Medicaid may provide some assistance for eligible individuals, particularly for those with lower incomes or specific health conditions. It’s important to check with the Florida Department of Children and Families or a local elder law attorney to understand the specific eligibility requirements and coverage options available in St. Petersburg.


Assisted living facilities in St. Petersburg offer a supportive environment for seniors who need help with daily activities such as bathing, dressing, and medication management, but who do not require intensive medical care. In contrast, skilled nursing facilities provide a higher level of medical care, including 24-hour nursing supervision, rehabilitation services, and long-term care for those with serious health conditions or recovering from surgery. Essentially, assisted living focuses more on maintaining independence, while skilled nursing facilities cater to more complex health needs.


Elizabeth Plevin

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