About Rijan and Sarah

We met while working at an Assisted Living Center and while we were studying at the University of Colorado. Rijan majored in Pharmacy and Sarah went on to become a Case Manager for a Long Term Care Health Insurance Plan, managing care for the elderly in Assisted Living Homes and Centers. We have a passion for helping seniors and have built our careers on it.

We are very hands on. We won't just give you a list and leave you to do all of the work. We take in to account your care needs, location preferences, budget and anything else that is important to you. We see the whole process through in order to make sure it goes smoothly and that you are happy.

We are experts in the industry and we can help you make the most informed choice by asking the right questions. Once you decide where you would like to go, we can provide you with moving and downsizing resources, medical equipment providers, and transitioning care providers if you need it. Whether you are moving locally or from out of state we have the concierge tools that will make your transition smooth.

We have options available to help you whether you have a budget of $2000 per month, or unlimited resources.

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