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Touring Communities in December

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Four Reasons Why You Should Visit In December

Many adult children will be heading home for the holidays to spend time with their aging parents. If it’s been an entire year since you’ve seen each other, there may be drastic differences in your senior’s health and abilities from last year to this year. It may be time to start exploring care options for them, such as a senior assisted living community.

If you are reluctant to tour an assisted living community on a loved one’s behalf during the holidays, know that it’s a wonderful time to explore these communities.

Holiday Visits To Senior Assisted Living Communities

Here are four reasons why you should visit senior assisted living communities in December:

1. The Family Is Together

Because more family members are usually in town during the holidays, it is a good time for siblings to talk with one another and a parent about future planning. It allows seniors and their loved ones to visit the community together so that the whole family can assess the compatibility of the community. Touring senior assisted living communities in person is one of the most important ways to make sure you are making an informed decision.

2. An abundance of Festive Activities

Senior assisted living communities provide an abundance of holiday-related activities such as classical Christmas tree lightings, vocal performances and singalongs, game nights and holiday-themed crafting classes. The ambiance of senior communities is particularly warm and inviting during the holiday season.

3. Beat the January Rush

January is one of the busiest months of the year for most senior assisted living communities. Rather than visiting the community while it’s crowded, beat the holiday rush and tour local communities in December. The staff will likely have more time to spend answering your questions.

Schedule A Tour with an Assisted Living Locators Senior Care Advisor

There’s no perfect time to start touring assisted living for seniors. If the topic comes up during the holidays, it’s an ideal time to start looking at your options and reach out to your local Assisted Living Locators Senior Care Advisor to schedule a tour.

Assisted Living Locators is your partner in finding the right senior living option. Click here to find a senior care advisor in your area today.

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