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6 Reasons Senior Living Can Help

Learn Six Reasons Why A Senior Living Community Can Help You Be Healthier and Happier

Staying socially connected and feeling engaged with life becomes more important as we grow older, and not just for mental health reasons. As we grow older, isolation tends to become a bigger and bigger problem. This can, in turn, lead to severe loneliness and even depression. Even the most active seniors can find it difficult to remain social due to their living circumstances. The benefits of senior living communities can make life more manageable, create new friendships and provide regular socialization.

Living where you’re surrounded by peers feels great at any age. For older adults, it also makes a difference in both the quality and the length of life. Here are six reasons why a senior living community can make you happier and healthier:

  1. Support: One of the major benefits of senior living communities are the assistance with activities of daily living (ADLs). Personal care services such as bathing and dressing ease the burden of performing those tasks. These tasks may become increasingly difficult as we age. Having a nurse available provides many benefits. They can assist in managing medications and monitor changes in your health. With less time and energy spent on self-care, residents can pursue other activities and hobbies and spend more time with friends and family.
  2. Life Enrichment Programs: Senior living communities offer residents a full calendar of life enriching activities. Associates provide a variety of experiences to accommodate a resident’s needs. Opportunities are designed to be enjoyed year-round. From clubs to art programs, music and excursions, a resident can choose what to participate in and when. For those with mobility challenges, the opportunity to enjoy activities onsite helps them stay connected.
  3. Convenience: A senior living environment provides residents with a simplified lifestyle and freedom from home maintenance. When looking at possible options, ask if the community offers any of the following:
    • Laundry and Housekeeping Services
    • Transportation Services or Shopping Shuttles
    • A Calendar of Events
    • Variety of Dining Options
    • Excursions or Day Trips
    • Salon Services
    • Spaces for Hosting Private Events
  4. Peer-to-Peer Support: Healthy relationships with people who understand age-related changes help build strong interpersonal connections. Having someone nearby who can identify, empathize and even laugh at shared struggles helps older adults stay positive.
  5. Well-balanced Meals: Good nutrition is central to a healthy lifestyle. But seniors are at increased risk for poor nutrition from lack of transportation to the grocery store or health conditions that make meal preparation difficult. In a community senior living environment, meal time becomes a nourishing and social experience. Meals are often served in restaurant-style dining rooms. This helps foster relationships among residents.
  6. Planned Fitness Programs: Fitness is essential to the wellness programs offered in senior living communities. Residents can enjoy gyms and pools, along with fitness programs incorporating a variety of exercise ranging from strength training to Chair Yoga and Tai Chi.

More and more seniors around the country are realizing the benefits of senior living communities. Whether they’re just tired of all the home upkeep or want to find more companionship, these communities provide a great option. You and your loved ones will feel more comfortable knowing that your health needs are in great hands.

Assisted Living Locators is a FREE placement and referral service with a nationwide network of local senior care advisors that provide the best information and resources available. We are your partner in finding the right senior living option.

For those who are ready to take the next step, Click here to find a senior care advisor in your area today.


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