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Preparing for Senior Living

Four Tips To Help You Organize Their Future Care For Your Loved One

Are you prepared for senior living?

With peace of mind and new opportunities on the horizon, a decision to move your loved one to a community focused on senior wellness shows your dedication to their health and well-being. When you decide to make a transition for your loved one, you will need to be as prepared as possible.

Whether you are already planning a loved one’s move to a senior living community or just starting to consider your options. Here are four tips to help you organize their future care:

1. Evaluate Health and Wellness

As you consider the reasons why senior living might be best, take some time to evaluate your loved one’s ability to handle the current situation. Does your parent need extra help that your family is unable to provide? Ask about their medical visits. Take a photo of their prescriptions for your records. Inquire about their social life and listen for mental health concerns.

2. Discuss Senior Living Choices

Let your senior know you care about their well-being and want them to make the decisions for their own care, with your help. Bring up the topic of senior living as merely an option — one that could make life easier and more fun as well as safe. Explain to them that modern senior living facilities are, in fact, true communities where they can thrive better. Senior living communities offer expert staff, a choice of quality and nutritional food and most importantly, an opportunity to make new friends and have an abundance of activities to choose from. And finally, offer to take your loved one on a tour.

3. Collect and Review Important Financial and Legal Documents

This can be a difficult topic to broach, but it is important to discuss money matters before a medical crisis occurs. Set aside time to collect important documents to prepare for your loved one’s elder care and health care. Make sure insurance cards, birth certificates, wills and financial records are in one place. This can help families be prepared for hospital visits and, making decisions about senior care for their loved ones.

4. Planning for Cost of Senior Living

If you haven’t planned for senior living care, you aren’t alone. Few people do, either because they don’t think they’ll need it or because they want to save their assets for their children and believe that government subsidies will cover any care they need. This doesn’t mean they can’t afford suitable care. Fortunately, just like the variety in settings, styles, and amenities, senior living residences are available at a variety of price points.

Seeking Professional Help

Before you start, it’s important to gather all the facts about your options. Senior living communities come in all shapes and sizes, serving seniors of many different abilities and interests. You may have many new questions. What type of housing is now needed? What kind of elderly assistance will be best in this situation? What is needed in caregiving, and where do we get quality home healthcare information? What about assisted living?

Assisted Living Locators offers a FREE service for seniors and their families to help you explore and understand care options. A Senior Care Advisor will meet with you and/or your family member for an in-depth assessment discussing your current situation and what is needed. They evaluate all aspects of care such as healthcare needs, social activities, memory care, location and financial features.

We are your partner in finding the right senior living option. Click here to find a senior care advisor in your area today.


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