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Assisted Living Locators Offers Tips For Talking With Aging Parents Over Thanksgiving

PHOENIX, Ariz. – Nov. 1, 2022 — Many of us will be spending Thanksgiving with our parents and siblings. This time of the year when we’re all together provides us with the opportunity to observe our aging parents’ well-being and have a conversation about any assistance they may need.  

Assisted Living Locators, a nationwide senior placement and referral service, is providing tips for talking with aging parents over Thanksgiving to begin long-term care planning.

Angela Olea RN, Assisted Living Locators Brand President stated that festive occasions such as Thanksgiving are eye-opening to age-related decline, cognitive impairment, and health or safety issues facing older loved ones. 

 “Long-term care is an important topic that every family should discuss,” she explained. “Assisted Living Locators is a free service that can help provide insight on preparing for the future. Our senior care advisors provide guidance on how to have tough conversations with parents or other aging family members.”

According to Olea, there are five must-have conversations you should have with your aging parents this Thanksgiving holiday. 

  1. Cognitive Ability: Be aware of cognitive decline warning signs: difficulty remembering events from the past 24 hours, struggling to maintain a conversation, or displaying noticeable changes in behavior. If you notice these changes, talk to them about seeing a specialist for cognitive screening.
  2. Financial Planning: Many seniors have underestimated the cost of retirement.  Preparing for these potential additional costs means having a conversation about your parent’s financial position, expenses, lifestyle, and medical needs. 
  3. Health And Safety: Difficulty in performing the necessities of life is a major issue and key indicator of the need for geriatric care. Are they able to move around comfortably and effectively? Have they lost weight? Are they managing their medications? Are they struggling with personal hygiene?
  4. Legal Planning: To ensure that their wishes are carried out discuss legal matters with them.  You should be aware of their life insurance policy, end-of-life wishes, healthcare insurance and authorization, power-of-attorney, current medication, and health conditions.
  5. Wellbeing: Wellbeing is more than just a person’s physical health.  Watch for signs your loved one is depressed: an unkempt house, negative change in temperament, disheveled appearance, and disengagement with family and friends. Oftentimes depression in seniors is linked to loneliness, it might be time to discuss the transition to a senior living community.

“Allow time for your aging parents to express anxieties and needs,” said Olea.  “You can decide together what needs to be done and who can help.”

She added that Assisted Living Locators can help you explore and understand elder care options.  “We meet with families to discuss their loved one’s current situation and needs,” said Olea.  “We offer a variety of care resources including in-home and respite care, assisted living, and memory care.”

If you have questions about senior care options, speak to an Assisted Living Locators Senior Care Advisor at 877-266-7788 or visit  

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Rhonda Grundemann



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