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4 Reasons to Use a Care Advisor

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Four Reasons Why It’s Important To Have An Advisor Inform You About Care Options When Searching For Assisted Living Near Me

It’s hard watching your loved one age. Suddenly it becomes clear that mom or dad can no longer live on their own, as their well-being is at risk. As seniors are less able to stay home because of safety or security concerns, many families are caught in a position where they don’t know which direction to turn. This is when a simple Google search such as “assisted living near me” can start you on a path to find your loved one a comfortable home.

Senior care and senior living are a rapidly changing landscape of options, and the choices available to the average person looking for a new home can seem overwhelming. It’s time to get informed.

While navigating the senior care maze can be emotional and frustrating, there are resources available to you. This turning point is especially challenging since very often, the need is unexpected and immediate. A senior care advisor can help bridge that gap by educating and informing you of the options that relate to your specific situation. They can be an invaluable voice in sorting out the issues and bringing perspective.

When you Google “assisted living near me” these are the four reasons that come up:

1. It’s an Emotional Decision

Making decisions, sometimes fast decisions depending on your loved one’s situation can be emotional and stressful. We don’t make our best — or most informed decisions — when we are faced with frustration and sadness.

2. An Advisor is a Local Expert That Can Save You Time

Senior care advisors can provide an insider’s view of local senior communities and short- and long-term care options. They can narrow down your list of communities to visit and ensure it is the right fit for your loved one. They visit communities regularly and have been working with families in a similar situation. Comprehensively trained, they are true experts and are a great resource for community, care, and transition information.

3. You Get Personalized Assistance

Once a senior care advisor assesses your family’s needs and provides you the information that’s catered toward your family’s situation, you can visit communities and make decisions at your own pace. They are also there to help you along the way, answer questions and keep in touch with you throughout the search process — even after the move — to make sure everything is going well.

4. It’s a FREE Placement Service

Assisted Living Locators is a FREE senior placement and referral service available nationwide for families to explore and understand senior living care options, information, and resources. We are your partner in finding the right senior living option. Click here to find a senior care advisor in your area today.

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