Connect with Meet Mary Curtis Pizzano

From my own experience, I understand how stressful it can be to find the right care for loved ones. My goal is to be a partner throughout the entire process by providing individualized guidance and helping to make the process less complicated and stressful for the client and their families.

As an Assisted Living Locators Senior Care Advisor, I work diligently to research and fully vet a wide variety of communities and will provide my clients with the best care options available to them. I will listen to my clients to understand their unique needs and will walk them through the entire process of finding the right care. I will accompany clients on site visits and will continue to follow up to make sure the client continues to be getting the care that they need, even as their needs change.

I will provide my clients with a variety of care options while working within their budget so they can make the right choice for their circumstance. Costs in the Central/East Tampa areas typically range from $2500 - $15,000 + per month.