Why is Assisted Living Locators - Wasatch different from other similar services? Because we live and work by the adage “No one cares how much you know until they know how much you care.” Seniors with whom we work are not merely clientele, they are unique individuals with whom we develop relationships before we develop lists of potential housing locations. We do not “farm out” our clients to the first community that will take them. We identify those select facilities that we believe will provide the optimal experience, right down to details others consider irrelevant, for the senior we are helping.

Why should a senior and family choose Assisted Living Locators - Wasatch? Simple: we empathize with your situation and we are driven to find the best living arrangements possible for the senior. Our staff’s unique experience enables us to fully understand the senior’s needs, to communicate potential solutions to the senior, and to find those solutions quickly and efficiently. All at no cost to the senior or family.

Because of the unusually large geographic space covered by Assisted Living Locators - Wasatch, we can accommodate practically any budget. We have very nice, cozy homes for as little as $2,400 a month and we have some absolutely gorgeous communities for over $5,000. No matter what a senior wants in living facilities, we can find it.